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    This hospital once was the biggest in the region, but since decades its empty, getting near to collapse. Location: Tatabánya, Hungary
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    Pool Parc, near Ruthin, dates back to the 16th Century when it was home to the Salesbury family and the manor house was rebuilt for William Bagot, 2nd Baron Bagot, in the 1820s. It was apparently lost in a bet by the Bagot family and it was later sold to the District Health Authority, becoming a convalescent home and then an asylum, used as an overspill for North Wales Hospital in Denbigh before closing in 1989. Have also found an old pic of what it looked like in better times It is very dark inside and if you are doing the upper floors take a good torch as someone has removed the odd tread in the temporary staircase
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    Not sure about the boards, looks like all renovating has stopped
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    Wow love that first pic. Ruinous indeed but very photogenic
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    Hi Wicked Sunday! HERE, I already gave you some tips on how to search successfully, respectively how I search. Honestly, I don't know what else I could advise you otherwise. You don't live very far from Belgium. There is a very big and active UE-scene there, and in BE are also hundreds of abandoned places. So it shouldn't be too difficult to make contacts there and / or to find abandoned places in BE. The web is full of it; sometimes even with quite helpful descriptions or information, that can be used to find the places with a little search. And regarding the sorting: Why should the places be sorted by country? After all, Oblivion State is NOT primarily a forum to find places, but a community, to SHOW photos & reports of visited places (of course, too, to view and comment on others' pics and posts, etc.). In this regard, each has their own preferences and interests. And these usually don't refer to where a place is, but ordinarily based on, what kind of an abandoned place it is (some prefer castles or villas, other industries, others mines, bunkers and caves and so on). Concerning this personal likes, many look specifically at relevant albums and posts. For this reason, the deliberate chosen categorization here by the kind of places is expedient, and it will hardly be changed into a sorting by countries, I think. At least that's my opinion.
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    Cheers dude, I would have been too, especially as I failed at St Itas
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