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    Just a small plane in a forest
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    Dorton House, formerly known as Wildernesse, is a Grade II listed Georgian mansion house in Seal, Kent, near Sevenoaks; until 2013 it was used as the headquarters for the Royal London Society for the Blind (RLSB) and as housing for the blind and partially sighted children who attended its school. The school was set in 49 acreas and was sold and redeveloped into housing
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    I discovered this big factory almost 2 years ago. It used to build washing machines and it was closed down more than 10 years ago. At that time it was already obvious that the location was completely empty... but what made me really interested in this place was the colour of some building of the complex: that very particular red, which almost seems like blood, was enough to make me say "I need to go there". And so I did. As I guessed, there was nothing inside lol, but I don't regret this exploration at all... Btw this place is a little bit tricky because it's completely surrounded by houses, so everyone can see you. We had to hide in various occasion: one time there was a watch dog who was barking to us from his home so we hid ourselves behind a wall, just 2 meters away from it. Luckily its owners didn't get why that dog was barking that much. At some point an old lady and her husband saw us but in the end nothing happened... Here is the complete album: https://flic.kr/s/aHskSXJdtA
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    I think everybody knows about this area and must not say much about it. We where there for 3 days in February and it was amazing. Enjoy the pics.
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    萬里飛碟屋/Wanli UFO Village Taiwan's most famous derelict site, by far. The biggest derp to have made it into a book showcasing the very best of urban exploration worldwide; it beggars belief. Perhaps it is the novelty value or the rarity; derelict mid-century Futuro and Venturo houses mostly abandoned on a beachfront an hour away from Taipei. Designed but not commissioned by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, they were pre-fabricated plastic houses originally designed as ski chalets that could easily be transported around. It was an abysmal day, with heavy heavy rain falling across the island. What was once a beachside paradise in its prime time, surfers and holidaygoers all lying on the beach enjoying their time off is now a fading snapshot of a dream long passed. Today although some structures are still occupied, the vast majority are not, and have been thrashed by mother nature and of course vandals. The beach is covered in rubbish and debris. Not a place you'd like to live in. The UFO pods certainly live up to their name, with airplane doors which open outwards and offer views of all sides. Inside actually seems pleasant in principle, fairly spacious and offering lots of natural light despite small bedrooms and a tiny central kitchen and dining area which resembles a bar more than a kitchen. The venturos resemble a more normal dwelling, like a pod. Following the same principle as their futuro counterparts with 360 views all round and plenty of natural light. Privacy goes out of the window however when all the glass is see-through and the dwelling is at ground level unlike the futuros which are raised. The surviving venturos are now mostly ruined, probably destroyed by years of disuse and extreme weather patterns. Whilst it's certainly a unique and rare site, it's not really that spectacular, and I spent little more than 20-30 minutes walking round before heading off to the next derp. Though those that remain occupied will stay, I can realistically only see these unique dwellings facing the wrecking ball like their counterparts were a few years ago. Thanks again for reading. Love TBM x
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    I have never been happy with the results of my expolration but nevertheless it was one of my absolute favorites. This outstanding piece of Brutalism architecture placed in the phenomenal surrounding of the beautiful historical city. PORN!
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    Thanks. Pls make sure you wear rubber boots for the party. The floor is completely wet. Unfortunately seats disappeared meanwhile.
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