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    #1 Hi Gyus I came across this place, a few weeks ago, that hasn't been abandoned for long, (5-6 Months), the power seems to be still on too. So I bet it would be mint inside, with everything left in tact. My latest visit was more of a scouting session to check the place out, and get a feel for the place. I noticed some minor vandalism has occurred since my last visit, which is painful to see. Thanks
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    Hi Andy, Thanks for watching and sharing your thoughts on my care home vid. To answer your question about me describing it as creepy.. I visited the place all alone, and its quite isolated spot. It was a grey day, and there was a noise of the wind gusting through the area, kind of masking other noises, I could hear in the background. As I wandered about, I kept looking over my shoulder, as I felt there was someone else there. I want to visit again and possibly go inside, but as its recently abandoned, i'ts almost in a cocooned state and sealed up. I really hope no hardcore vandals find the place, and do the usual graffiti and smash everything. yawn ZZZZZZzzzzzzz Steve
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    Nice video, well captured. What I'm interested in: why do you call this former care home "creepy"? Did you actually have the impression or feeling during your exploration, that the building is creepy in any way (and if so, why)? Or, otherwise, what was your reason for describing the house like this? I'm just curious how it came about. Anyway, for my part, I absolutely don't think that the house is creepy. Also the video doesn't seem scary to me, quite the opposite. Instead, in my view, it's rather dreamy and melancholic at the same time, as well as partly combined with a thoughtful atmosphere. At least, that's what I feel while watching...
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    Lovely topic and great shots being presented here!
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