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  1. that used to be a beer store for the pub, them green torpedo things are use for floats for the vetian fete (spelt wrong) it was in the local paper about a month ago. hope it helps
  2. visited some time ago with oldie.. this place is a bit of a arse clencher gettint in but well worth it.. dont know a lot about it, all i know is that it is a deep shelter for the 6'' guns that were up top.
  3. will let you know, it was a bit of a last minute thing. didnt get in till the early hours....
  4. it was well worth all the agro...
  5. after much pondering myself mooch and rook managed to get into east demi. it a brilliant place. here are some of moochs photos... i think we will be going back soon.
  6. it easy to find, lwt me know when you want to go and i will tag along, didnt go in there.
  7. looks good mate, i have been pass this and never thought about going in. give us a ring next time i will be up for it.
  8. brilliant explore, thanks to trench and powersurge for letting me in
  9. this place was brilliant, thanks to shadow!! it was the funniest access i have ever had
  10. i would love to do this place, anyone going let me know please, will come with you, dont live far from them.
  11. that dont sound good. gps plots of it would be good as i can out the into my gps and go straight there. let me know whenyou go shadow and i will bring a shovel
  12. the one in folkestone sounds good to me, any info on it pm me and i will post when i have information. also st margrets one aswell please
  13. has any heard of a underground hospital in dover??? any information on it would be good Thanks everyone!