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  1. yes where there is a will there is a way. Been here a few times now nice place.
  2. I tried a month ago and the door at the bottom is sealed now so you cannot get int
  3. If you ever go let me know as i live 10 mins walk from there
  4. This is the place that i found back in 2011, been trashed since then. However is still a relaxed mooch. Anyone visiting im only 5 mins away.
  5. yer was a good site shame its fully sealed, went back last week and is fully sealed and no way in. Shame it got leaked into public so quick.
  6. Visited with TBM and Cookie monster, This has been in my pipeline for a while so glad that i finally got around to going here and been in the 1st Group to crack it. Warning to anyone else going there is security on the main site as we bumped into his dog but luckily not him however the dog was friendly and didnt bark. There is lots to see with a gym, Bank, Accommodation blocks and many more, However this Report is just on the bunker. The Bunker is at RAF Daws Hill which is now decommissioned but used as Armed Response Training Center so is littered with lots of Blanks. It was a very interesting explore with seeing the camp and the main point of us going the Nuclear Bunker. Now to the interesting bit. Its nuclear bunker, with 23,000 square feet (2,100 square meters) of space, housed high-tech equipment for the direction of nuclear bombers and guided missiles. I believe it was built in the 1940's. If you want more information about the place Google Raf Daws Hill. There Was to many good pictures to choose from as its a big site but here are a few Nice long Stairs Thanks For Looking