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  1. What was that, any information about it? Or was it just a coincidence find while driving?
  2. I like the pyramid roofs, looks special.
  3. Nice staircase & detail shots (and no, I don't mean the tits magazine... ).
  4. I like the stucco on the ceiling.
  5. I visited the place in 2012, unfortunately a lot has changed since then. But still a lot to see, nice set.
  6. Shame on the vandalism. But still great pictures. And I'm looking forward to finally visiting the place in summer too. I hope it won't be worsen until then.
  7. Really nice, especially compared to the old photos.
  8. The shots with the many peeled paint on the floor, the reflection of the tower and the lettering are my favorites.
  9. Interesting place, beautiful decay. I also like the old tiles / bricks.
  10. Nice job! I particularly like the night shots with the windows from inside.