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  1. Nice old brickstone building. Pity that you couldn't go inside. But I can understand it. I'm also not really a climbing master like Tarzan.
  2. Hi David, welcome to the forum!
  3. For this reason, I only went to church at the very end, after I already had taken pictures of everything else inside the mansion. And I crept downstairs very slowly and quietly on tiptoe.
  4. Andy

    Old Industry

    Here are some of my photos. Perhaps not always "vintage", but at least older industry. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  5. Really great pics of an impressive building!
  6. Very nice pictures, I like the large halls and the light there.
  7. I like the eleventh photo in black and white and the images of the ladder.
  8. Great photos of you two!
  9. Andy

    I see faces

    @Ghost-Scooter: The last photo is really great!
  10. I particularly like the pictures 2 and 9.
  11. Another interesting report and, as always, nice pics!
  12. Great report and very nice pics. The spiral staircase is fantastic. But you're right, the other areas of the former asylum are also worth to visit. I like the chapel very much, too.
  13. Nice place & photos. I love this old black piano!
  14. @Riding Japan, welcome to the forum!
  15. The wall and ceiling paintings are great.
  16. I also had to laugh when I saw that. But it was not connected, it has probably only someone put there. The photo is already from 2010, unfortunately the villa was burned out in 2014 because of arson.
  17. Very nice set. The first two pics are my favorites.
  18. Welcome to the forum! Nice set & history. Shame that vandals smashed a lot meanwhile.
  19. Some nice pics! I like the photos of the treatment couch and the morgue.
  20. History Once the magnificent property in East Germany housed a spa building. Around 1950, the building was converted into a hotel, which was given the name of a Duchess. In the 90s, it was closed for cost reasons, since it decays visibly. The Explore Access was easy; the front door was locked, but some open windows and a open door at the back. My first visit was in 2011. Now I returned to see how the building has changed over the past seven years. Many ceilings and floors had collapsed meanwhile, and some areas I could't enter therefore. Unfortunately, some things were destroyed by vandalism or were stolen. For example, all banisters and the ornamented window arches. But on the other hand, the natural decay of the past few years has been very interesting. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Here are also a few comparison pictures and some photos from 2011 of rooms that couldn't be entered anymore today. 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 - Also this rose has been gone due to the collapse of the ceiling.
  21. Pic #9 with the peeled wallpaper and the yellow coloring is great.
  22. Too bad that so much has already been destroyed. But I like the first photo with the frozen puddles in the foreground.
  23. I haven't t selected a "typical photo" from an asylum, with beds, chairs or something similar. Instead, a picture of a decayed corridor with doors, on the upper floor of the Ex Manicomio di Volterra / Asilo dei Dementi in Italy (opened in 1884, closed in 1978). I took this picture in 2012.
  24. Even nicer than the set from the first visit. The chapel is great, also the picture with the chimney and the chandelier.