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  1. I have visited Romania already twelve times and explored many abandoned places there. But I have not seen this one by my own. Thanks for showing.
  2. This place is absolutely fantastic. Old furniture, pictures, bottles and chemistry things, decay ... Awesome, exactly my taste. I would love to see it by my own. Really great.
  3. Some nice pictures. But you should pay attention to a straight horizon.
  4. Nice to see a few other photos from there as well, than just the one known hall.
  5. Very nice. Too bad that the building security was inadequate. The reuse for exhibitions and parties was very ingenious.
  6. That's really fantastic. The peely paint, the rooms with the chairs & the old bed and the architecture are great!
  7. It still looks pretty clean. Nice that there are no graffiti. Rare for France ...
  8. I also was there five years ago. I heard that it would be demolished now. But I'm not sure if that's true.
  9. That's really nice. And great that there are still so many things inside.
  10. Great photos. It's on my list for summer, too.
  11. Looks nice. Would be great if you could show some more pics of this place.
  12. Nice lighting on the first three photos.
  13. Great pics! I was there in October last year, At that time, the green graffiti "Mort aux SS" didn't exist yet.
  14. Welcome to Oblivion State!
  15. Fantastic pics. Was a really great trip! I still haven't edited my photos oft it...
  16. Great set & report. I like the long corridors and the sink with the dried leaves.
  17. Some very nice pictures. I like the railing on the stairs and the gallery.
  18. This old chapel in the middle of the forest was the first stop during my last trip to France on the penultimate weekend. Only a small and overgrown path leads to it. If you don't know the location, you'll hardly find it; even from the winding country road below the chapel, it's barely visible. Inside were still several beautiful things - dusty plastic flowers, small Madonna statuettes and images of saints, as well as two rosary necklaces with crosses. In a broken stone the date 13th of April 1870 was engraved. However, I don't know when the secluded chapel was actually built. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
  19. As expected, many things have changed since my visit seven years ago. But still worth a visit and great photos as always.
  20. Nice one, especially the great stair case.
  21. I also like the second shot. Luckily you reached the station in time and didn't get caught.