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  1. Nice place with some beautiful old things.
  2. It has suffered a lot in recent years. But especially the outside view is still impressive.
  3. Thank you. Just to avoid misunderstandings: It was not about finding out where the places are or to know their real names. It's simply nicer to add a little report to the photos as well. That's all.
  4. Andy

    Cloud cottage

    Here are the pics, I took there im May:
  5. I missed this too, nice place. I especially like the eighth photo with the beds and the open cupboard in front of the window, as well as the picture with the piled up pillows.
  6. Really cool place and nice pictures! First I read "abandoned bacon" ...
  7. Welcome to the forum!
  8. Nice pictures! Even if these are different places, it would be nice to know something about the buildings. For example you could write something about the history and / or a short report about the exploration.
  9. Nice place! I've visited it two years ago, in summer 2016, and I really liked it. If you are interested, you can take a look at my pictures of the mansion here:
  10. Some nice shots in your video.
  11. Great video with a lot of awesome shots of an impressive place. Great job!
  12. Although unfortunately already very broken and many graffiti, but still some nice shots. I like that the camera work is mostly very steady and so there are nearly no shaky pictures. Only the fast camera pan in the seconds 47-50 makes a little bit dizzy.