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  1. Great pics. I visited it barely a year later than you did, in summer 2016, was a nice place. In addition to the amount of ceramics, I especially like / liked the farm and the moss inside.
  2. Still a lot of things inside, that's great. I especially like the detail shots.
  3. Strange colors in the first pics, but interesting place. I like the old movie posters.
  4. Looks great with the lots of red seats & chairs.
  5. Nice set in the evening light and also just because of the flooding.
  6. I can't remember having seen this place before. The rotten turbines, the control room with the old computers, the detail shot of the board with the keys - really great.
  7. Some nice old cars. And partly also some unusual color due to the red skylight.
  8. Ok, the dildos are gone, but there are still a lot of interesting things inside (and no, I don't mean the vintage porn ). Um ... someone with a very strange fetish, maybe ... ?
  9. The architecture is indeed a little unusual, for example, the windows with the rounded corners. I especially like the dome with the skylight.
  10. I've missed this report so far, some really nice shots. I also like the sky. @baz000000: Thanks for this interesting information. And welcome to the forum!
  11. Really still much inside, looks very interesting. However, the "path" in the third picture would have been nothing for me and my fear of heights.
  12. I always like to look at your photos. You simply have a good view for appropriate positions, to capture the places very well. And I also like your balanced way of editing - without exaggerated HDR or unnecessary effects, but successful shots with sharpness and great colors.
  13. Andy


    I thought, I already had described my opinion more than understandably and comprehensively enough ... Whether it's because of uncontrollable violence, misguided anger, infantile joy or a misunderstood kind of "fun": In my view, vandalism is basically and without exception just unnecessary, pointless and destructive, as well as simply absolutely stupid and immature! No matter in what kind of place, no matter in what condition it is, no matter what will be destroyed. And therefore, for me , in any case there is entirely no reason or justification for destruction. Point and out! Even if you don't understand it and if you apparently see it differently, you will hardly get any other opinion or even agreement here, I think. Our hobby is discovering, exploring, photographing, documenting ... - and not destroying, vandalizing, to riot and to rage! But it seems, we obviously won't come to a common, and so I have nothing more to say. I feel like any further conversation about it would simply be a waste of my time.
  14. Andy


    Honestly, I already find it just strange to ask that question, if you don't do it yourself. Personally, I wouldn't even think of asking that, because destroying things in abandoned places is simply a no-go for me. And so it certainly is for any genuine & responsible urban explorer, I think. Willful / wanton destruction (no matter if windows, furniture or whatever) is in every way only stupid and completely unnecessary vandalism; and in my view that has absolutely nothing to do with exploration and urbex.
  15. A lively past with a very interesting history. The quite barren / sparse place looks good with the fog.
  16. The hostel on the mountain, opened in the 1960s or earlier, was a simple accommodation. Last guest reviews complain about lack of comfort and high prices for an overnight stay. Last one night in a 5-bed room cost 40 euros per person. In the dining room there was no selection of different meals to order, but only a simple daily special for all. In the summer of 2011, the hostel was finally closed. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
  17. Really great report(s) & shots, I especially like the theme park and the cement works.
  18. That's a really nice place, I also like your detail shots very much.
  19. Grest shots. The wallpapers are crazy, the first one is really psychedelic.
  20. Nice to see some classic photos again. Looks very good in black and white.
  21. Nice shots, and I like the peeled paint in the stairwell very much.
  22. The photos are really exceptional, great job!
  23. Andy


    I don't see any reason why something should be destroyed, no matter in what condition a building is. Honestly, I wonder why someone is interested or even has fun in vandalism and destruction? For what reason do you (or whoever) want to cause damage willfully and why to riot intentionally? Personally, I think that's pretty questionable. But apart from that: For example from a photographic point of view, I also disagree with your statement "if it has no future use, I don't see the harm". Even "if a building is completely derelict", usually you still can find things, rooms or details wich offer suitable & nice photo opportunities. And finally, often it's simply the (natural!) decay in particular, that makes an object interesting in photography. However, ultimately also these subjects for photos will be destroyed in most cases by vandalism and destruction.
  24. Nice landscape. The decayed jetty and the shipwrecks in the icy water look very picturesque.