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  1. The church is one of the few buildings to give up it's life and accept the inevitable. Spent a few hours here and how well you have done to show another prospective. Cant remember seeing the wooden totem pole not alone the angle. Done really well there. Thanks.
  2. Still one of my favourite explores... Read the books, done the history. When she has gone it's reports as good as this that will keep her alive! Thanks fella.
  3. Really enjoyed this. Really well done and nice write up. Having lived in various parts of London and being a car owner I understand the problem you had. I think some people just refuse to move their cars when they find a spot within three streets of their home and use public transport such is the risk you return home and have to park it as close as you can which is usually then Milton Keynes.
  4. Good stuff Rody. I would need long trousers and bicycle clips to climb that.
  5. Beautiful. I have a fascination for old ambulances and there is one, a UK one! Don't think its forgotten about that place.
  6. First ones always the worst ( I cringe thinking about my first ) Yours is OK. Access looks tricky.
  7. Well fuck me with a prickly pineapple ........ That's cool.
  8. Man! Look at those beauties - top drae matey..
  9. Some off the best shots and history of a London iconic building I have seen in an age. So sad this land is worth a mint and some more again, so will in our liftime end up as knob end accomodation. The meat market will follow when it's located out of town that's for sure. Good stuff indeed, very good stuff.
  10. Hey you! Good to see you about, lost contact after I ditched facebook. Great to see you out there doing your stuff