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  1. Looke like the cleaners have been in when we went lol the mantle piece was clean ?
  2. The picture thats on the wall next to the organ was on the floor in april when we went and some false teeth on the mantle piece ?
  3. Hear we go having a go at my first post? this is the old Beaumaris outdoor swimming pool I've been coming here for 40 years and never knew it existed untill i saw someone standing on the wall and went for a look. The building has extended since it was built but like a lot old tidal swimming pools has now seen better days. You can see where its been made bigger with the more modern breeze block. I dont know a lot about it other than an old newpaper artical where is says the council sold it then wanted to buy it back some years later to reopen it. But nothing has happened for some years.
  4. Hi from cheshire but go North Wales on holiday a lot exploring the mines and quarries whilst up in the mountains and just getting into abandoned places rather than derelict ones after seeing some on the tube ? would be greatful of some tips anyone has Thanks in advance