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  1. I went to check this out last year when visiting family, & you're not wrong..........it's secured to fuck. Good to see you managed to find a way around it, some nice shots there too. It's such a shame that it's trashed, seems a waste for such a beautiful building
  2. Glad I could help you guys out with this one. That dental suite was really cool to visit eh? Good shots there
  3. Lovely stuff right there, looks like you visited a lot of the places that we saw in the zone. Did you climb Duga? I hope so, because we were told when we were there (in August) that they are set to pull it down in November
  4. Oh yeah for sure @AndyK!, I'm convinced there's some epicness squirelled away in that place
  5. Cheers @hamtagger, yeah it's ridiculous the lengths they've gone to seal the place up. Can't they at least give us a fighting chance?! I'm looking forward to seeing what becomes available in future, I'm sure there are plenty more goodies to be had
  6. Yeah the locks are a bit OTT to say the least. Who knows, some of them we'll be able to bypass, some just look a complete no-go!
  7. Cheers @Urbexbandoned, was holding off for a while to try & keep the place off the grid a bit more. But I saw a report go up on 28DL so felt the need to get in there. No worries, you guys have helped me plenty with other places, so it'd be rude not to
  8. Explore No.01 This started as a stop by explore when me & Vixxie were visiting friends in Cardiff, & has evolved into something of a project for us. We were going to go do CWM Coke, but we thought it would be worth having a look at this place instead. We arrived during the day, & tried to make our way over to the back of the site from a rough route I had worked out from Google maps. So far so good, & soon enough we were on the grounds looking for a way in. If you’ve ever been here you’ll know that to get to where you need to be you have to cross a large open space, which is more than a bit obvious. As we were making our way we got spotted by a patrolling Secca, so as soon as we got out of sight we darted. Luck happened to be on our side though, as we managed to sniff out an entry quickly. After a bit of contortion & “to me to you” we were in. Not wanting to have our fun cut short, we decided to play it safe & hide out in a nearby toilets. We waited patiently, listening out for the slightest noise that would alert us to the presence of someone in the building, but it seemed like we were on our own. We proceeded cautiously, checking all of the doors in the immediate area. Unfortunately most of them were locked tight, with only a few exceptions. One of the open rooms contained boxes of meds, Vixxie told me that these were an extreme sedative, really nasty stuff. It amazes me what gets left behind in these places, I know that this is a newly abandoned site, but still…… After gathering a few shots here & there we made our way down the connecting hallway & into the main part of the hospital. Before leaving I made sure I propped the door open, as I feared getting cut off from our only known exit point. From here we got a real sense of the scale of the place, with long corridors spanning off in different directions & what seemed like an endless amount of windows & doors……where to start? After a quick Google maps check we familiarized ourselves with the layout. We started on an area that looked like it went to a dead end, checking all doors along the way. Again, it was mostly fruitless, with only the odd door open leading to a rather mundane storage room. The windows in this area were a particular pain, as they were designed to stop the mentals from opening them up & running free. This also meant that we two semi sane people couldn’t fit through them either, with slats at the top stopping you from opening them up more than about six inches. After exhausting all known options around the complex, we decided to take a look at the front of the building. This was a risk, as I’d heard there was surveillance, but we decided to throw caution to the wind in the hope that no one was watching. We got into the foyer, & immediately spotted a couple of domes. We ignored them & got set up to take some shots of the ornate features, but were soon halted by the presence of the old Secca with his nose pressed up against the glass of the front door! We didn’t muck around & within a moment we were high tailing it back down the corridors. We got to one of the main junctions, looked across to the end & spotted another Secca on approach to the door. We legged it back to our entry & made our way out to safety. We waited it out at one of the gazebos on the grounds, hoping that they would lose the scent & get bored. After about an hour had past, & having caught a bite to eat & being concerned with the day getting on, we decided to take another stab at it. We agreed it would a good idea to try & find a way to one of the “key” rooms we had come across in the main corridor. But in order to do so we were going to have to get creative. I won’t go into any details here, but through the use of GM on my tablet & a bit of cross checking the room locations, we were able to work out where we needed to go. Luck would have it that the doors to the “in between” spaces in the building were open, & after a bit of trial & error we found ourselves a way in. We weren’t entirely sure if we had hit the right room at first, but when we got out of the storage area, we were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves in the Dental suite. Knowing that this was obviously quite a sensitive place to be, we set about taking all of our shots. After Vixxie took a look into the diary there, she realized that they were appointments that were ahead of the date that we were exploring, meaning that it was still live! Moments after this, we hear the Secca walking past & we both freeze stiff. They seemed to stop right outside the door in the corridor, chatting either to someone else or talking into a talkie…..it was difficult to make out. As soon as they left, we quickly & quietly retreated back the way we came to safety. We agreed that we’d pushed our luck far enough for one day & decided to make tracks. Explore No.02 Fast forward a month & we were back for another explore of the place. Between our last explore & this time it seemed like things had been tightened up a fair amount. A lot of the areas that we were able to get into before were sealed off. But we had come armed with a bit of knowledge. Previously we had taken note of the different combo locks around, & we set about finding a particular type so that we could hopefully get into some of the wards. After locating a promising looking one, we started code breaking it. Cut a long story short, we were there for about an hour punching in over 1000 combinations before we struck the winner. Having a rather overbearing sense of accomplishment we made our way up the stairs, only to be greeted by another fucking lock!! Another hour past & we eventually made it inside. Our joy was quickly thwarted again when we realized that it wasn’t a ward, but a live admin department. Feeling rather annoyed at our wasted efforts, we decided to cheer ourselves up by messing about with the staff member’s personal effects. Nothing major of course, just enough to wind someone up a little. We found a map that had some labeled push pins in, which I’m guessing showed all of the mental health institutions across the country. So we started to move one or two around, notably with one of the London locations getting moved up to Blackpool & vice versa (I couldn’t help myself). We also found one desk that had a lot of ornaments on it, including a little wooden mouse. We laughed realizing that we had both come up with the same idea, & set about hiding the PC mouse under the desk & replacing it with the wooden one, on the mouse mat of course! Rather childish I know, but it made us chuckle! We headed back down & tried to get a few more of them opened up, but to no avail. With time once again slipping away fast, we decided to make tracks. But the day wasn’t going to come to a close just yet. We had been hearing Secca walking about all day, & we were ducking & diving away to avoid him. We were concerned that he was aware of our presence, which was confirmed later on. All of a sudden we heard the loud bang of a door down the corridor, & we turned to each other, realizing what it was. We went to investigate & found that the bugger had only gone & closed the door we came in from…….our only way out of the place! Panic began to set in, as we paced the halls trying to find an alternative exit. After about 45 minutes we managed to find a window, which was lucky to say the least. We gathered our things together & made our way quickly off the site. We got back to the car, & after a bite to eat we set off for home. On the way out of the town we happened to pass the front entrance to the hospital. As we were on approach I spotted a cop car coming up behind us, with it’s indicator on to turn in. I kept watching as they went off, & immediately told Vixxie what I’d just witnessed. Her response was a long “Shhhhiiiiiiiiittttt” as we gave each other a stone cold look, realizing that we’d both just got away by the skin of our teeth! This place holds a lot of promise, & clearly in it’s infancy as a derp. With us being explorers for only a couple of years, we’ve never seen the natural progression/degradation of a location before. It’s mostly been very early, or late in it’s stage of decay. I’m looking forward to seeing what it has to offer in the coming months & years. The pics 01 02 03 04 05 06 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Thanks for looking
  9. You really should @Maniac, it's a piece of piss to get into & worth doing if you're in the area
  10. Yeah it's a nice one for sure, it'd be cooler if the roundels were real. If I'm to see some proper roundels I'll have to get a bit braver!
  11. Cheers @DirtyJigsaw, it's been on the cards for a while. It's a cool place man
  12. Pun intended?! Cheers man, it was a fun one for sure
  13. The History (shamelessly ripped from Wiki) Holborn tramway station was a tram stop underneath Kingsway in central London, England. It was built in 1906 by the London County Council Tramways as part of the Kingsway Tramway Subway joining the separate networks of tramways in North and South London. When opened it was named Great Queen Street. Tram services commenced on 24 February 1906, running from Angel to Aldwych, the next station in the subway. Through services across London began on 10 April 1908, running from Highbury station through Holborn and then east to Tower Bridge or south to Gate. The routes that used the Kingsway Subway were numbered 31, 33, and 35. Following the decision to withdraw tram services in London and replace them with buses, the station closed just after 12.30am on 6 April 1952. Much of the station remains in the disused subway but there is no public access. Following it's closure, the station was used as a backdrop various TV shows & films. Most notably it was featured in the 2008 film The Escapist, as a fictional London Underground station called "Union Street", which was said to be on the Northern Line between Elephant & Castle and Borough. Remains of the film props, such as a fake tube map and a Union Street tube roundel, can still be seen pasted to the walls of the station. The props date from 2008, and are not part of the original station. In 2009 the subway and station was the venue for an art installation, Chord, by Conrad Shawcross. The Explore This was a short but sweet explore that we did while on the way to something else. I did this one with my missus & partner in crime Vixxie , as well as @extreme_ironing . We started off the night with a quick round in one of the local watering holes, to give us a spot of Dutch courage & to catch up with goings on & such. We then made our way over to the entry point, which was rather fun to say the least. It’s pretty pedestrian as far as this type of splore goes, but it’s still a rather bait affair. Needless to say, the Dayglo invisibility cloak was in full effect! Once we were all in, we had a scope of the area. Having heard about a lot of activity at one end of the place, we were slightly on edge. We decided to go over to the other side first, & soon we arrived at the old poster boards. They look pretty plain in themselves, just large metal panels with a surround, but together with original cream & olive green brickwork, you could easily imagine what it was like when the place was in operation. I took a couple of shots from here, which wasn’t easy. I imagine it would have been some time ago, that is until someone fucked a giant concrete wall through the middle of the platform! After this we got to a large open room with pillars running down it. Walking through got progressively difficult, with the sloping ceiling tapering to nothing at the far side. Half way down we found a little tunnel offshoot which we crawled into. The tunnel started to curve around quite sharply, we worked out that this is where Kingsway becomes the Strand. After a bit of a tight walk through, the tunnel came to an abrupt end. Rested against the wall was a workman’s ladder, which lead up to what looked like a ledge. Being rather curious I decided to go up & have a look. Up top there was a large plastic cover which capped off the space, I thought “that’s odd”, & so I pulled it up to have a look. What I didn’t realise is that it wasn’t a ledge or crawl space at all, rather the top of the wall, & over the other side was the busy road tunnel! With nothing else to see there, we headed over to the money shots, which were the fake Union Street roundels & propaganda posters. Even though they aren’t real, seeing them still gives you that sense that you’ve found something special. I especially enjoyed the poster board, which was rammed full of old wartime posters & fliers. What I didn’t know about & what was a nice find were all of the old cast iron street lights piled up along one side. It seemed a shame that they weren’t being put to use, but part of me was thinking it’s nicer to see them here than painted up all new like on the streets. We gathered a few more snaps of the place, whilst being cautious of movement further along the tunnel. Not wanting to push our luck, & needing to continue to the next location, we made our way back out. The Pics 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 Thanks for looking