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  1. Nice chapel find mate, good work! Would you happen to have been out with KarlPhoto365?
  2. That's a shame, I had earmarked that MRI scanner as a coffee table ornament when I make a revisit!
  3. Cheers for the welcome guys! : ) Have a pretty big backlog of pics to work through, from large, well known sites to smaller, not so heard of ones. Will crack on and get some some reports up soon! : )
  4. Hey Lara, thanks for the welcome : )
  5. Hi peeps, some of you may or may not know me from other forums/Faceache. Just a quick 'what's up' to say I've finally signed up to the forum! Now just got to finish sorting the massive backlog of pics and get some reports up! Happy sploring all! ; ) 5PR1NK5