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  1. Budice

    Ghost Ads

    That's the one, shame they painted over it.
  2. Budice

    Ghost Ads

    Or they've been totally overpainted like the Beales of Bath sign
  3. Budice

    Ghost Ads

    Cheers OS i'll have a look tomorrow if it not pee'ing it down
  4. Budice

    Ghost Ads

    Can't recall seeing the Shepherds' Hall one, where is it mate?
  5. Great pics, amazing looking place. Imagine how it would have looked when it was first built, would have been stunning
  6. Witley Wonder a lot of old explores posted online about this place, it is rather nice though
  7. Isn't that supposed to be an art installation or somesuch?
  8. Budice

    Ghost Ads

    There's quite a few of these in Bath, here's a few I have taken pictures of so far
  9. Just a quick note to say Hi to everyone. Love old stuff, mainly military and underground as well as cinemas Done a few explores years ago, but nit been out for quite a while. Hoping to get underground in Wiltshire soon again though so happy days.