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  1. Very nice! Awesome location and images.
  2. Pretty weird but interesting location. I like the shot with the boxes. Probably going there in a few weeks.
  3. Now that's different, i like!
  4. Need to visit this place, just love it. Awesome shots mate!
  5. Awesome shots and location! I've been in to these kind of buildings once or twice for work, but they never looked this nice and stylish.
  6. Awesome share, never seen those other rooms! Great shots as always Andy.
  7. Rolo

    UK 2014

    Some pretty versatile locations, i like it!
  8. Very nice, those are some awesome locations. Great share.
  9. My friend would go crazy for that piano, great shots mate!
  10. Wow what a difference! Mint was cool, but so are the mould and moss. Nice sets mate
  11. Rolo

    Agnus Dei

    Maybe thats why (not my pic btw)