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  1. Cool report mate, I found myself in here a couple years ago but it was crawling with workers, before we had to make a quick escape I can recall seeing a staircase with a huge painting on the wall, did you see that? Near to the dome in pic #16
  2. Awesome stuff, the amount of times I've checked for a way in here is unreal ?
  3. That's abit nice mate! Those projectors are wicked
  4. One of my favourite places! Got some really nice shots there and I've gotta agree with Andy the wind turbines shot is awesome
  5. looks like a fun day out! is it one of those if the red flag is flying dont walk around ranges or just pray they aren't dropping bombs and hope for the best?
  6. Inside looks cool enough but fck me that view is epic! Nice work mate
  7. What a find! Interesting history and some lovely shots to go with it did you take it for a spin??
  8. Looks like a fun trip! can imagine how chuffed you was when you saw it after being told it was gone cracking report as always
  9. Right in the feels! It's such a shame places like this seem to have no use in the present day brilliant report mate
  10. Nice report mate! Is parts of this site still in use? Few friends got into a bit of bother when they visited
  11. Never fancied this place but your report has changed my mind! Cracking stuff mate
  12. Cool stuff mate need to make the effort to see this soon! Is it possible to climb the headstock?
  13. Thanks Andy, it is a good feeling finding a new place and makes it much more interesting exploring not knowing what you will find!