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  1. thats the third place that a pair of local so called explorers have gone to and put there crap grafiti in, another place they did was the pair of houses nearby where the bone was placed in the chimney , they did all the swasticas and racist stuff and smashed the tv sets and all the stuff
  2. it looks like whoever has been keeping an eye on the place has started clearing it , theres a few things different from when we went, still some stuff left and nice pics too
  3. Closed due to two local schools merging and getting a newly built school to move into Planning permission has been given to demolish the site and build houses Visited with the elusive , and thanks for the tipoff K On with the snaps thanks for looking
  4. ha was definatly a fun one .laughter was loud when we found them too
  5. ha ha the ammount of stuff we missed first time round , well worth the going back for the pics on a second visit
  6. oh to have been a fly on the wall
  7. to funny at times . yes was funny deciding what to call it trying to drive and not laugh too much , went with what he was called by his mistress in the end ,, thanks all
  8. that was exactly my reaction when i looked on the table
  9. I think ill just let the pics do the talking as im lost for words on this one , ... visted with the elusive and adam plenty of battery operated adult content , you have been warned lol thanks for looking
  10. nice to see , still not got round to it either
  11. a lot was cleard out from the inside over the last year, work has been done on the roof too to prevent it getting any worse, hope somthing good is done with the place ,
  12. nice drone shot , it looks tiny from up there
  13. i think it was used to store stuff for a while after closing as there were still cars and vans on the site from time to time , and thanks
  14. The company was established in 1949 , they relocated in 2015 to a more central location and just left the site , there is a small petrol station at the front consisting of two bungalows , one is fairly empty and the other is full of paperwork from the petrol sales , not a huge ammount left in the factory but a fair bit of office stuff laying round and a few work stations , decaying nicely in a few places on with the pics from my visit thanks for looking