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  1. finaly looks like they are doing somthing with it , went years ago not long after it closed , the upstairs wasnt open then so only did the lower floor , nice to see what it lookes like upstairs, it looked like they had gone on a day out as loads of stuff still there , fresh drinks from when the get back from a coach trip were waiting
  2. some of the papers and bits all leave clues as to who the people were and the lives they lived , thats why i enjoy this hobby , capturing the whats left , there is a gun cabinet next to the coat on the door, it was locked contents unknown
  3. like the single angry bat shot
  4. thanks , yes im midlands based , shropshire area thanks was loads in the chest and boxes that i still didnt rummage through ,i liked the marbles too
  5. wasnt much left to be honest , was a bit of a turd but it polished up ok
  6. wanted to see this one for a few years , nice ammount of natural decay has taken over the main hut has now collapsed , older pics from here show it still dtanding but i think last winters snow done it in i know there are still more huts further down the site but the brambles prevented getting to them one of the floors was so rotten when i put my foot on it it went straight through and ate half my shoe, had to do a days exploring with only one and a half shoes . dib dib , urbex explore badge earned thanks for looking
  7. i can imagine all the sparks when it rains been in a few where the lekky is still on
  8. spotted this while out with the family ,made a note where it was and went back for a look one room at the back had caught fire and collapsed in on the sitting room , i cant go to much into detail about the fire , it wasnt arson ,it is due to its location and proximity to somthing that causes sparks only a small place with 3 tiny bedrooms and a few bits and bobs lots of cobwebs and flies the light was left on to make it appear used , due to its location it will probably just get demolished eventualy and replaced with a new one thanks for looking
  9. shame the bits went , it happens to often
  10. thanks , there was a nice pile of bits to rummage through , could have spent ages looking through it all
  11. not much history to find on this house , somewhere in the midlands couldnt get a decent external shot due to the ammount of growth round it, the house was one of those prefab jobs made from fibre board containing white asbestos i liked the wallpaper in some rooms it was very 1970s old nova in the garage and caravan thats seen better times in the jungle of a garden bit pic heavy as there was a few bits to see thanks for looking
  12. thanks andy and andyk ,plenty of plants taking over , think i chose the right time of year to visit ,
  13. a place i pass by quite often, poped in here for a look back in 2016 , long before the fire gutted half the building, tho ive seen it recently on YT it looks a bit different now once it was uaed as a health spa which is why some of the bits and bobs seem to have been from that period of the buildings use the place finaly closed in 2007 due to there not being enough couples and attracting mostly single blokes the management had to draft in hookers from wolverhampton to take care of buisness this kind of just made it a bit of a nocking shop and wasnt realy legal so it closed down in the end on with the picks thanks for looking
  14. nice shots and place , it looks empty without the dead stuff on the walls , lol i hope they were given a proper burial in the garden
  15. not done a report in a while and have a nice backlog to catch up with . bit of an old explore this one ,its been arround for years but i wanted to see it anyway so off we went the milk factory has been closed since the 1970s , the milk was collected from the local farms and put in churns trains used to take the milk off to liverpool and other citys . there was a railway platform on the site but too overgrown to get any shots of it , altho the water tank was still there form the time when steam powerd the trains proposed for closure in the Beeching Report it managed to stay in use just for the factory nice natural decay and not vandalised it made for a good hour or so thanks for looking