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  1. I got a message on Facebook saying that Tranmere was open again but it wasn't going to be open for long so I was all over it like a Wiganer on a pie. The way in was a bit tight but as it was late afternoon I wasn't going to worry about being delicate and I just chucked my bag in and dived through which resulted in me landing face down Once inside the shelter is in reasonable condition I've got a load of video as well but most of it is blurry and a bit shit so I won't upload it The shelters are now sealed up again
  2. I've had a few pops at this in the past but with no success, after reading that it's due to be demolished this month I decided to go all or nothing and check every square inch of it for access. Getting in is a bit sketchy but once inside you're golden and it's worth the scramble And all the bits I didn't get pics of are on this video
  3. Yeah I was expecting there to be at least the pews left behind
  4. I've been looking at this one since it shut in 2014 but a way in hadn't presented itself until today. http://www.buxtonadvertiser.co.uk/news/local/residents-sadness-as-village-church-to-shut-1-6654741 it's only a small derpy church but it's just good to be out as all the rain has made drains difficult recently .
  5. After almost getting busted at another location I popped over to the old maintenance depot I couldn't find much history on the old depot :/
  6. I personally try not to give him the attention he craves
  7. I had pulled up to eat my salad bowl from the local Morrisons and spotted the trademark Heras fencing If you want to secure a site then don't surround it with Heras fencing because it just screams abandoned property After fighting past the brambles getting in was pretty easy, sadly there's not much left to see inside but it killed half an hour and I needed a pee so it was convenient It's pretty fucked Archive pictures from http://www.rotherham-images.co.uk
  8. It's in far better condition than Melton Mowbry Everything is worth an explore
  9. No you haven’t just gone dyslexic it’s in Wales. http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/local-news/buyer-wanted-penrhyndeudraeth-hospital-site-2844533 I couldn’t get into the main hospital sadly and didn’t spend much time trying if I’m honest I was driving past and saw the site at the side of the road, I’m not one to look a gift derp in the mouth so I pulled over for a nosey. If I’m being honest I wasn’t expecting much and after a quick check around the main hospital I couldn’t see a way in so I tried the shoddy looking out building. I was well chuffed to find this Inside a cell . . The main hospital is alarmed