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  1. Lovely set It's always sealed when I'm passing, the only time I've got in I didn't have my camera.
  2. Gorgeous set as always, going to have to go for a mooch round here some time
  3. Great pics The ground floor's all bricked up now, & it's partially live during the day
  4. Took me 3 visits to notice those posters Lovely set dude
  5. Thanks dude Yeah gorgeous isn't it? Bit of a hoover & it'd do well on airbnb too
  6. A day out in the countryside, thanks for @hamtagger & @Urbexbandoned for the info Built in 1875, photo above from 1905, it was the farm house for a 97 acre dairy farm, on a large estate in the Peaks. Tiny little place, but some lovely stuff there. Will be going back when everything's greener for some more shots around the farmyard too.
  7. Nice collection dude Did you change how you process photos for the November shots? The control panels look especially shiny
  8. Nice shots, & you're welcome, gutted I've missed the awesome wallpaper on my visits!
  9. It had Greenpeace camped at the top of the chimney for a while a few years ago, so it's climbable
  10. Amazing, I didn't think there'd be any of these still that intact?