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  1. Just looove POV's, i am assuming my "gonzo photographer" style, in the Hunter S. Thompson's almighty definition
  2. I promise, next post, pictures will be larger ( but meanwhile, they are available in full size in my flickr if you want )
  3. THIS is my favorite surprise during any exloration ever
  4. Thanks, more will come as i am always stuffing myself underground
  5. Thanks, hopefully this location is made of hardcore concrete, it will perdure for decades ...
  6. So, new in the forum, i don't have a website, just a little facebook page and a flickr with my pictures ! Feel free to come and like, and maybe comment or even share what you see ! https://www.facebook.com/442urbex/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/marc_askat/
  7. Many thanks to all for your comments and welcome
  8. An abandoned limestone quarry, used by french soldiers during WW1 as a shelter. They did many sculptures, and an underground church
  9. A tiny limestone quarry full of many different cars and trucks. And also what looks like an industrial size torture machine. Place is now used for the growing of mushrooms, and most of the vehicles are decorating the owner's garden ...