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  1. nice report! this is only down the road, must have a nosey one day!
  2. phat rat ~ because i own rats and theyre always fat :')
  3. thanks guys, it was a bit of a hassle getting into the place but it was definitely worth it in the end
  4. a little bit of history - ''Sheffield Old Town Hall stands on Waingate in central Sheffield, England, opposite Castle Market. The building was commissioned to replace Sheffield's first town hall, which had opened in 1700 to a design by William Renny. This first structure stood by the parish church, on a site with little prospect for extension. The Old Town Hall was built in 1807–8 by Charles Watson, and was designed to house not only the Town Trustees but also the Petty and Quarter Sessions. The initial building was a five-bay structure fronting Castle Street, but it was extended in 1833 and again in 1866 by William Flockton (1804-1864) of Sheffield and his partner for the project, Abbott; the most prominent feature was the new central clock tower over a new main entrance that reoriented the building to Waingate. At the same time, the building's courtrooms were linked by underground passages to the neighbouring Sheffield Police Offices. By the 1890s, the building had again become too small, and the current Sheffield Town Hall was built further south. The Old Town Hall was again extended in 1896-7, by the renamed Flockton, Gibbs & Flockton, and became Sheffield Crown Court and Sheffield High Court. In the 1990s, these courts moved to new premises, and since at least 1997 to present, the building remains disused.'' This started with a very early start... After me and imortalshadow pulled an all-nighter we were picked up by jane (non member) at 4am a bit of a difficult access but we got in... eventually! it turned out to be an awesome day and a relaxed explore. on with the photos! [last ones probably my favourite!] thanks for looking!