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  1. yeah i did this building a while back and doesnt sound like much has changed. wonder if the fish are still alive in the pond?
  2. scattergun - thanks perjury saint - thanks stussy - thanks
  3. shush - same! sk - thanks starlight - yeah was quite trashed and thanks nelly - thanks lara - thanks
  4. yep still a good easy explore
  5. A little bit of history on why this building lies empty: it has also suffered 2 major arson attacks (one in downstairs offices and one at the rear in the factory) but walking round there has been many more attempts early this year (2013) you can buy there full list of "useful" contacts (64,405 of them apparently) for the cheap price of £679.99 this is a great building really enjoyed walking round and the smell of engineering. also some amazing graffiti all around but i couldn't document everything there was simply too much Full set: www.flickr.com/photos/samcain/sets/72157635023996090/ some panoramic's "think outside the box" from the fire escape stairs so glad i got to the roof most of the office's are trashed the place is massive it had to be done (i was really surprised to find them still lined up!) ther is always time for a chair from the most recent fire a lot of open open bits of old oil the remains of the Renault parts production line didn't except to find this in the middle of the factory looked like there were trying to keep something secure any ideas??????????????? didn't except to find this in the middle of the factory looked like there were trying to keep something secure any ideas??????????????? from the first major fire factory in it glory days mail room old parts this is a smaller building at the front not really sure what this was used for but its now used as a squat secca hut something tells me that Secca will be a bit slow to react
  6. is this still around or has it been knocked down (hertfordshire seem to like knocking stuff down)
  7. Thomas Green came to Leeds from Carlton-on-Trent near Newark and founded the company in 1835. The company was originally located at 34 Lower Head Row (now Eastgate), Leeds, and specialised in all types of wirework, including wire weaving and galvanising. The Smithfield Foundry site in North Street was purchased in 1848 and the first buildings were erected in 1850. In 1863 a London office was opened, principally to serve the overseas trade. This was followed in 1881 by the opening of the “Surrey Works†in Blackfriars, London. Improvements in trade led to the opening of the “New Surrey Works†in 1902. Thomas Green also produced a range of steam road vehicles including fairground centre-engines, road tractors and agricultural tractors. Perhaps their most well known product in this range was the steamroller, which commenced in 1872 with a vertical boilered model for the Royal Gardens, windsor. Shortly afterward, in 1880, a convertible model (i.e. traction engine or road roller) was introduced. A conventional horizontal boilered model followed this in 1881. The range was developed to encompass the whole range of weights (3ton to 12ton) and styles (tandem roller, triple roller) which enabled them to become one of the market leaders, with around 300 machines supplied. With an eye on sports grounds, Greens introduced the first of a range of petrol engined rollers in 1905. The diesel engined DRM model in the 1930s, and lighter versions, the DRL and DRX, superseded these. In the 1960s, the “Workman†was designed together with a heavier model, the “Pacemaker.†This one is at my local cricket hut and hasnt been used for a very long time (ive never seen it running) and looks like a few parts have been stolen of it over the years
  8. Canonguy

    Ghost Ads

    The ghost ads from Kimpton, Hertfordshire Sunlight soap (sorry about the lens hood ) Bakery lion brewery And a new ghost ad (fire) DAG Garage