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  1. Nice work with the pics thinking of a trip here myself soon..
  2. Thetford Cottage Hospital March 2016. Pictures taken on a Samsung galaxy s6 edge no camera for personal safety (squatters and crackheads resident) A lone explore with lee... Call it bravery.... Call it utter stupidity.... I did it and alone.. The hospital thats triggered my fancy for over 2 years after seeing various reports from great explorers i did it myself. It was a great explore inside and despite warnings my curiosity got the better of me. The hospital inside despite years of neglect, damage & decay is fairly nice a rather decent scale and still intact to say the least and a lot bigger than it appears outside. Various items or equiptment and other things clutter the rooms and halls whilst having that feel of your being watched is stuck in the back of your mind but despite this call it idiotic or bravery i ventured in...... Vacant rooms and decaying corridors are what i found as well as some inhabitants upstairs. Vacant peeling corridor. Signs for different practices. Reception areas. Treatment rooms. Various smashed up units Before the stairs. The old X- Ray table The X- Ray Camera Medical Supplies Left. equiptment left behind. What was this room? now Storage area Although i loved it Nothing and i state nothing could prepare me for what i was about to see upstairs. The stairs have a putrid smell of poor personal hygiene and urine and crap like a old tramp thats not cleaned his rear or changed his clothes in 10 years (can you imagine that)? The rooms upstairs are cluttered with large bottles of cider and bottled beer, clothing, manky old matteresses and more so clearer the place is inhabitied by homeless or illegal substance users, spent needled on the carpet and other various items, i ventured in further (sadly no pics i had to stay alert) Upon opening one door i heard a loud aaargghhhhhhhhh you fucking cunt im going to cut your fucking throat in which i didnt stop to find out who it was or challenge it further......but then who would?? Here is a bit of history i found from the local paper.... It was one of the first hospitals in the country to buy an x-ray machine and helped thousands of Norfolk patients over its more than 100 year history. But a Victorian hospital in Thetford closed its doors for the last time yesterday as officials prepared for a new health care era on the outskirts of the town centre. A question mark now hangs over the future use of Thetford Cottage Hospital with fears that the historic redbrick building will be demolished to make way for housing. The antiquated town centre facility completed its last appointments before being mothballed yesterday as health officials put the finishing touches to a new £4.5m one stop health shop, which opens next week . The old cottage hospital, in Earls Street, was built in the late 1800s and was given to the people of the town by the Fison family and William Gentry, who claimed a penny a week for rent. Over the years, the building received many extensions, including an x-ray wing, which was dedicated to the men of Thetford, who died in the Great War between 1914 and 1918. In 1969, the hospital ceased inpatient beds, but still retained key services such as x-ray, physiotherapy, family planning, and other outpatient clinics until its closure, which was marked with an 'end of era' party last night and attended by about 50 past and present members of staff.
  3. Thanks and yes our time was cut short due to mum taking ill, i do have a lot more pics but OS only allow 30
  4. For the first time we actually gained access to RAF Raynham, NON permissive. Its a cracking explore and one i will return to at some point as my mum took ill so we had to leave early sadly, anyway it was a warm sunday mid afternoon and we met up with harry and julian, access was fairly easy with various buildings to see. The first building we seen was the airmans restaurant, a lovely sized building with cracking entrance and stunning staircase very much like RAF Upwood. With very minimal decay and damage these buildings have been well preserved, even most windows are intact. A very grand front entrance to the airmans restaurant. Part of the Upper level, there is a lift here for food. The accommodation blocks were failt good with ablutions of a high ranking nature and lovely staircases. Lovely sinks and loos for what looks like high rank serviceman/women Staircase within the accommodation. One of the connecting corridors. The base Headquarters. The corridor. One of the rooms. The server room and telephone exchange within the hq Top of the HQ Views from the top. HQ views - MOD police and sunset at raynham New report and more detailled pics to follow at a later date. Thanks for reading.
  5. This is one of my favourite explores, whislt its now not worth exploring anymore since the best part has now gone! Great report it brought back memorys, i will miss Upwood
  6. Cheers buddy, loads more to come including denbigh.... the dreaded tourbus asylum haha
  7. This is a repeated place and one that the whole of OS know. I stumbled across a old report on another forum and since havent seen many others post so here it is.. Little Plumstead was home to Norfolk’s main “mental deficiency colony”. In recent years, it has closed down. Sadly a lot of the buildings have been demolished to make way for housing. Part of the site remains in use as a hospital. This section is due to close soon, with around 100 patients moving to community-based services. It has since demolished a lot of buildings including the pool leaving only 6 derelict standing buildings caked with decay and fragile floors. The hall itself attracts a lot of explorers and ghost hunters and has seen fire damage and metal thievery as well as tagger. The upstairs of all the buildings in which extensive decay can be seen, warped floors, carpet going down into the non exsistant rafters and debris and scattered paper everywhere plus that lovely smell of dampness and black mould that we all love... masks are needed although ive never worn one. The inside of the hall is to me like a chateu whilst ive only ever seen one on groups or forums its very simliar with its arch designs and colours. Every time i have gained access and seen this place, it draws me in i cant explain the feel in the hall but its almost like you are being watched and waiting for a zombie to smash through a door and come and bite you. There is so much decay the floors upstairs are gone in some areas and in others there simply is no floor at all, Trollys left, files scattered, medical reports everywhere, spend needles and some aperatus is left. Massive rooms for treatment as seen from very old pictures of the place, The asylum itself seemed to have a ward for un married women who were pregnant and were made to be treated as the public rejected them (Information to be confirmed), However no evidence of this has been seen. It has since been boarded up and checked on at regular intervals due to the amount of breaking in the building's recieve with thick ply and mastic being placed and security screws everywhere entrance other than the local kids breaking in is almost impossible to gain entry at least without doing it the naughty way which i personally dont agree with. The once grand staircase now completely trashed Rooftop views (Very fragile lead roof) Finally, im a celebrity nutter GET ME OUTTA HERE haha Hopefully if and when there is a entry point again we will be able to obtain more detailled pictures but until then,,,, Enjoy.
  8. Yeah its a shame its all gone now, it proved a great explore... Upwood will be the next to go i bet even if its used to airsoft.
  9. I was priceless i tell you, i should have offered them a fresh nappy haha
  10. This was the first time at RAF Upwood Medical Facilty and it proved a good explore although heavilty trashed. While we had to crawl under a broken piece of plyboard it didnt disapoint with stuff and debris everywhere, plus nearly every piece of glass was broken. As well as it being pitch black and the only source of light was our phone torches it proved fun, we saw a lot of spent needles, gloves, dental aperatus and more. Dental lights and aperatus trashed or broken. Whilst walking around with nothing other than phone torches for light, the smell of recent fire damage from vandals whoever else, we heard foot steps, i told the girls to stay in she shadows and not move until i return, i wandered slowly until the noises got louder and hid behind a door until 2 people ermerged in which i shined my torch, they crapped it and asked if i was police or security or if i was going to harm them, i said no im a explorer and called the girls.... the look on thier face was PRICELESS. Various forms of aperatus has been left behind as well as back up generators and switch boards. The sad reality is these amongst a few other pic taken by others are the VERY last we will see of this lovely place as the diggers have moved in,,, but why??? it was in decent serviceable condition until vandals trashed it! The only facilty now is RAF Alconbury which some of the aperatus has been moved to, whilst it sits more or less disused there. Sadly it now seems there will be room for 300 houses on the Raf Upwood site, and who knows who will occupy them, RAF Upwood was a great explore but sadly the level of decay is too much now. I will personally miss the place. I hope you all enjoy this report and many other to come Lee
  11. Rougham Hall is a Grade II listed manor house, a largely 19th-century building on the site of the former Jacobean manor. During its restoration in 1878 it had added to it a staircase dated from circa 1700 taken from Finborough Hall, in Suffolk. It is the ancestral home of the North family, descendants of Dudley North, 4th Baron North, and his son, the lawyer Roger North. Rumored to have been in residence was the army and during ww2 was used as storage for warheads and ammo in various scattered bunkers. Our first time here was amazing! we turned up to what we have only see on pictures and to be amazed at what we saw, not only was this building in a bad state of decay but extremely dangerous. The first part you notice upon a drive or walk is the long road leading up to this remarkable grade II listed building and a feel of urgency that "im not supposed to be here" haha like thats ever stopped a explorer Your then greeted by the clock tower and the ruin of where the "former" kitchen would of once been, plus seen as the building was hit by a 2000lb german bomb and rumored to of been knocked off its foundations part since have had to be demolished see picture below for the "frozen in time" clock tower stuck on 12:05 since the bomb hit! When you walk around the building on approach you see the back end of the manor house in all its glorly extensive damage and more. The front and what may have been your route into the hall and ornamental gardens Extensive damage ment we had to tread with extreme caution, rotten walls and decayed brick made the remaining structure extremely unsafe and load creaks to be heard. Given the level of evidence gathered the bomb entered the last remaining turret roof crashing down through the floors smashing into the cellars and causing such ground force that the building was forced off its foundations meaning that the last turrets joining the kitchen areas to the gatehouse and clock tower was demolished due to danger and severe structural conditions. This stunning place was once a great place to be judging from old pictures and its a sad example of what war did to us. we will return one day and hopefully find its been cared for so it last for more generations to come. Uk Uncovered Team