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  1. Some goos stuff mate, love those colours and the light ! And video hahaha Classic man ! Thanks for sharing, and it was a pleasure to meet you guys that day !
  2. Shame that after few months it's completely trashed... been there in june this year... and i was dissapointed... :/ Anyway good report mate ! Some awesome shots there ! Thanks for sharing
  3. Nice pictures mate, this place is just perfect. Please tell me how long it took before secca came in ?
  4. Awesome ! I'm packing my gear ! Stunning pictures and great report !
  5. Still on 'todo' list Lovely place, some good photos and a piece of History of this Church makes it a great report.
  6. HISTORY: The church was built to a design of architect Carl Gotthard Langhans author of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Built in 1796 until 1797 in an elliptical shape with dimensions of about 20x30 meters. Bell tower has been added later in 1872 with a design of local architect Peter Gansel. This church was (and it still is) unique in the global scale. It was used by local Evangelical community up to 1945. After the departure of the German inhabitants the church remained in good condition, but has not been used as intended: - It has been used as a sheepfold, then fell into disrepair what lead to complete ruin, - Local residents treated the church as a source of building materials. To protect it from total disaster all entrances and windows has been walled. PRESENT: In July 17, 2013 the Warsaw foundation "Your Heritage" acquired it from the municipality church and cemetery and began efforts to obtain funds for the reconstruction of decaying monument. January 31, 2014 obtained the assistance of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in the amount of 200 000 zloty, ( you can by a flat for that ammount of money, it's about 50.000 pounds ) which made it possible to start reconstruction work on 24 June 2014. EXPLORE: I visited this Church with some colleagues in 2013, during our trip to South-East Germany. Explore was easy, you just have to squeeze thru small hole in the wall and that's it. No security, no warning signs, no cctv... So that's how it was, since then it's now foundation property, and the first thing they do is to repair the roof. If anyone want's to help with reconstruction you can do this by entering this site: http://www.twojedziedzictwo.pl/eng/index.html and donating some money. This church is no longer available to public, however i saw some pictures from 2015 so maybe it's possible to get inside after getting permission. PHOTOS: If you got that far please check this short HDR timelapse video https://vimeo.com/16414140 , made by Patrick Kizny you will be amazed ! That's my first report on this forum, hope you guys enjoyed it ! Regards from Bristol