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  1. Indeed, we had to climb it from a little boat... it was quite an adventure:)
  2. An abandoned beacon in the baltic sea. There are two of it. One 1000m and the other one in 4000m distance from the runway. Ther were used to enlarge the range of the runway ...so the pilots could navigate easier to the short runway. Build and used by the NVA. The army of the former GDR... (DDR).
  3. Very nice set Maybe I can convince my girl eventualy to go rooftop with me, when we visit Antwerp in August.
  4. When I first saw images of this white autopsy table, I startet to search for this place. Eventualy in March last year I got the locations adress and an tip where to enter. I asked a friend and we went toghether on this trip. Arriving at the location, we drove further in the woods. Hiding the car and startet to aproach the building from behind, but then my heart stopped. A car on the ground and cameras everywhere. We decided to retreat. Back home I asked some friends, gatherd more information and three weeks later my girl and me returned. This time we managed to get in and were completly unbotherd I hope you enjoy the set PS: We although had a little shooting there, with some different angles then the normal modelshooting in LPs. Hope, you´ll like them, too.
  5. Brilliant set... I know where they are...but I´can´t manage a trip this year. Hope they´ll last quite a while Thanks for sharing
  6. Hi there, today I want to show you some shots of an lost Hotel. Locatet in the former GDR, it was an luxury Object in the GDR-Times. After that it continued as an upper class Hotel with a very good reputation. Now it´s closed since this year and empty, waiting to be torn apart. Well secured and guarded by security it´s neraly impossible to get in. we had the exclusive chance to take some pictures. Hopy you´ll enjoy them.
  7. Cool Set... I never made it to the mill. Thanx for sharing
  8. This Hospitalcomplex was used as an hospital for the government and the secret Police (STASI) in the former GDR. I have no historical facts right now, will deliver them later.
  9. Fantastic shots... never saw so much stuff intact. Thanx for sharing
  10. Yesterday I posted some Pictures in the FB-Group and Tracey asked to post an report over here. So this is my first report here. I hope you´ll like it. In 2012 I visited the "Heeresreitschule Krampnitz" in Potsdam near Berlin. The location was build 1937 to be used as an Cavalryschool and later as an School for tanktroops. After the german capitulation the sovjets took it over and used it until 1992. The lost buildings were used in some movies as setting for Enemy at the Gates, Inglorious Basterds and Mein Führer. The complex is 120ha big and in the near future they want to build new homes there and destroy the whole place.
  11. Hi, I´m from Northgermany (near the baltic sea) and 44. The Urbexvirus got me in 2001 ..when Urbex was not called so. I loved to take pictures in abandoned industrial complexes and to work out the prints in my b/w lab. Around 2004 I stopped for a while and since 2011 I´m back on track Hope to find some nice discussions, fun and pics here. Best regards Ralf