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  1. Evening! I've recently been catching up on the backlog from my latest, and most adventurous trip so far. We hit many locations, but some I feel only had a couple of shots worthwhile - not enough to warrant a report, but I really did enjoy these places. I thought an easy way of sharing these beautiful places would be to place them in one thread - an assortment of derp. These were takin in Germany, Austria & Luxembourg across my trip, and aren't in any particular order - although I do have some favourites! Unfortunately I don't know too much about the history of most of these places, but i'll include any i do know. I can imagine y'all probbaly bored to death of my spam recently, but I hope you enjoy these! Blue Sand House We spent the night in Czech and this was first on the agenda for the next day, so after a good night's sleep, a breakfast consisting mostly of chorizo, hot dogs and cereal we hit the road. 5 hours later we arrived here, and having been wanting to see this place for so long I was overwhelmed. I was so happy I finally got here. The house was full of sand in other rooms too - I'm not quite sure how it got there, or for how long it's been there - but it made for a nice photo. Green Ballroom I'd heard this was under new ownership, and he was charging for explorers for photos - I'd heard it was a relitively small amount and I was happy to pay it, considering I didn't really want to piss of any Germans. But, we arrived and he was nowhere to be seen, so, obviously we gave it a go and found an extremely awkward window. After squeezing through we had a quick look in here, but with 2 of our group not fancying the access we didn't spend long inside. The place was lovely - although it's a shame the local gaffers had been in recently. Industrial Dancefloor We were short on time and mid-way through another long stint of driving, so this was a nice way to break it up. It was only really this room, but it was nice - more to just get out the car and go for a mooch. Was followed by a rather large and appetising mcdonalds before continuing our drive south. Sanatorium Elisabeth I'd got my hopes up for this place - maybe a little too much. It's in a very sorry looking state, and once again the local graffers have been in - the only piece I sorta like is this one on the stairs. I didn't take any other photos here - but I do like this one. Cotton Factory This place was about a 30 second drive from another derp (pretty much walking distance) but we drove anyway! My friend had warned me of the owner - and that sometimes he is there. We jumped the gate and found a way in, and it wasn't until I was mid-way through my first shot I heard the footsteps. No doubt there was someone on the floor above, and it sounded like he was dragging something. Was it the owner? Who knows - not me that's for sure! With little knowledge of the local law and none of the language we didn;t hang around to find out. I grabbed these two photos before making a hasty exit. In the off chance I'm ever in the area I'd like to revisit, as it was a lovely place. Spiegelvilla This was a lovely little villa we stopped by on the way to Vienna, and although rather bland it still featured a couple of nice shots. Forst Zinna This was an extremely large military training camp, which had clearly been abandoned for some time. This was next door to another derp, so thought we might as well check it out too. We didn't spent too long here, as we needed to find somewhere to camp for the night and we were losing the light fast. It's not looking too good, and I'm surprised some buildings are still standing. Maison Kirsch This was the last derp we (successfully) done, and although rather dark, and stinking of poop it was alright. It seemed to have been abandoned for a long while now - deduced from the copious amount of stinging nettles surrounding it. And i found out the hard way, whilst wearing shots. After this followed a fail, before a rtaher long and sleepy drive back to the tunnel. Bad Gastein I am aware this is the town, and not a derp - but it was the whole experience that made it for me. I heard secca were on the ball here, so we spent a while casing the joint and baiting potential secca to see if they'd respond, but something didn't feel right. I only nipped inside one building for a matter of minutes to grab this handheld shot. It's clear someone had been in recently, with a rather comfy chair positioned near the main room, along with footprints and a rather new looking book. Before disappearing completely I stopped to grab a couple of shots of the town - easily one of the most beautiful places I've ever had the privilege of visiting. Thank you If you've made it this far - thank you. It means a lot that you've taken the time out to read this, and I hope you enjoyed it. Once again I apologise for the spam, but I wanted to get these edited & uploaded before my next trip - or it'd never happen. So as always, thank you!
  2. On a rather rushed last day this was our second to last stop. We were instantly eyed up by the residents of the flats opposite, but after a while of milling around trying not to look suspicious they disappeared. It wasn't long before we were inside and it really hit me. Rows and rows of cages lines the walls and the remains of the labs upstairs. It was interesting to shoot, something different - but one I never want to visit again. As always, thanks for looking!
  3. After a successful visit to Hospital Plaza I was most impressed - I thought it would be the highlight of the weekend, until we visited here. A beautiful church tucked away in a sleepy village somewhere. I'm under the impression it's only been abandoned for a year or two, as it's still in immaculate condition with working electricity. The decor is like nothing I've ever seen in a church before, and the stained glass windows were a work of art. We spent a good hour or two here, before moving onto other places! As always, thanks for looking!
  4. This was a completely accidental find, but definitely one that impressed. We had stopped in a little village for a few beers late in the afternoon, and spotted it in the distance. We went to investigate, and after an hour of wondering round outside - trying every window, door and balcony we were about to give up until we found a way in. It seems someone has been keeping an eye on it - security signs everywhere, PIRs inside etc.. and after about 30 seconds of being inside we heard a dreaded alarm. Not wanting to get on the wrong side of the Bulgarian plod we made a quick escape, and after hiding nearby for over half an hour no one had come to check it, and the alarms had stopped. By this point we were losing the light, so a quick browse on Airbnb we'd sorted a room for the night, with the intension to come back the following morning. The following morning come, and we were back - wise and prepared. Someone had been there since we'd left, as there were tyre tracks and a multitude of footprints outside. We made our way in, careful to avoid the sensors and shot all we could without triggering them. It seems this place has been abandoned since 2007, but with way the furniture has been left, fully furnished rooms and running electricity/lights, you'd have thought it closed yesterday! The time come when there was no other way - the ringing of the alarm filled the air as we grabbed the last few shots of this beautifully furnished hotel, before a mad dash back to the car and a rather long drive back to the airport! As always, thanks for looking!
  5. Buzludzha is a historical peak in the Central Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria and is 1,432 metres (4,698 feet) high. In 1868 it was the place of the final battle between Bulgarian rebels led by Hadji Dimitar and Stefan Karadzha and the Ottoman Empire. The House-Monument of the Bulgarian Communist Party (or informally, the Buzludzha Monument) was built on the peak by the Bulgarian communist regime. It commemorated the events of 1891, when a group of socialists led by Dimitar Blagoev assembled secretly in the area to form an organised socialist movement that led to the founding of the Bulgarian Social Democratic Party, a forerunner of the Bulgarian Communist Party. Construction of the monument began on 23 January 1974, under architect Georgi Stoilov: a former mayor of Sofia and co-founder of the Union of Architects in Bulgaria. TNT was used to level the mountain peak into a stable foundation, reducing the mountain's height from 1,441 metres (4,728 feet) to 1,432 metres (4,698 feet). The monument was built at a cost of 14,186,000 leva, which by today's rates is roughly equivalent to $35 million. The monument was opened on 23 August 1981, and since 1989 hasn't been maintained by the Bulgarian Government. We arrived here about lunchtime on a Sunday, and navigating the mountain roads (most of which was spent going sideways round corners in a shitty Renault Clio) we made it and parked up. The trek up is monumental - the snow was several feet deep, and it seemed to go on forever. Eventually we made it, and i'd have done it a thousand times over for the view at the top. It was incredible. We didn't hang around making our way in - externals could be done later, but the main room was what I really wanted. We spent a couple of hours inside, enjoying the views and there was only one thing left - the tower. I done this part solo, and 31 rusty metal ladders later I made it to the top. The view was absolutely breathtaking. It was so peaceful, and after climbing onto a concrete pillar I just sat there for a while - taking in the view. I snapped a few pics and started the climb back down. By the time we made it outside there were some other explorers trying to get in, so after a brief hello and a few externals we started the journey back down. As always, thanks for looking!
  6. Two posts in one night, i hope y'all don't mind! Back to Italy, and this is (albeit slightly repetitive) one for the stair porn lovers! This absolute gem is tucked away in a disused building on a live hospital. After scoping the place out for well over half an hour in the blistering heat we went for the obvious approach. Trying out best to pretend we belonged there (and hiding our tripods) we took a brisk walk through the main gate, occasionally glancing over our shoulders to check security wasn't onto us. After trying our best to avoid staff and look inconspicuous we found ourselves inside, looking for the staircase. We found it, and after a gawping at it's beauty for a few moments we got on with shooting in. Soon enough we finished up and made our escape, before moving onto our camp site for the night. As always, thanks for looking!
  7. After travelling through the night and grabbing a couple of hours kip in a rather dodgy service station car park we arrived at this place for sunrise, and what a lovely relaxed way to kick of the weekend. There wasn't too much inside, but still enough to take a few pictures and have a nice mooch round. We didn't spend too long here, before hitting the road again and moving onto the next derp! As always, thanks for looking!
  8. War Planes After a rather unsuccessful first day we made it back to the hotel - drained, tired and demotivated. We were all hoping for a success on this one, and boy did it deliver! After only a few hours sleep I felt my phone buzzing.. the generic iPhone alarm chiming away. Still tired from the day before bags were packed in a zombie-like fashion before meeting up with everyone down in the lobby. We hit the road and before long we were pulling up to the access point. Thick fog helped cover our access, and soon enough we were following a path to where these beauties lie. What sounded like a car horn echoed in the distance, so we took off running through waist high grass - getting drenched in the process from the morning dew, but it lead to be nothing more than a false alarm. It seemed we got here at the perfect time - the fog cleared and the sun cast a beautiful orange glow through the windows of the beast. As always, thanks for looking!
  9. This was our last location on the first day and we were rapidly losing the light, so we wasted no time in getting our gear sorted and looking for a way in.. we couldn't have picked a worse time, as half way over the fence a police car drove past, but luckily after an intense stare off for a few seconds they carried on without asking what we were doing Soon enough we found a way in and the first place we come across was the chapel - it was absolutely insane. We started snapping away and before long the light had diminished and we went about finding a hotel for the night. As always, thanks for looking!
  10. This place is more disused than abandoned, but boy was there a story behind it. When it no longer become viable the owner closed down, but instead of selling up for next to nothing he kept it, and leases it out as the odd movie set or model shooting location. It's still got elements of being abandoned - cobwebs here and there and stuff like that. We visited here on the last night of our trip, and along with photographing the hotel we were offered a roof for the night. Guiseppe, the owner, was one of the coolest guys I've met on my travels. He showed us to a room with 4 bunk beds and a nice hot shower - just what you need after 9 days camping! Before long we'd settled down and he showed us to a monumental stash of food, and told us to help ourselves and cook whatever we want on a lovely wood stove. He joined us for a few beers that evening and told us about other explorers who'd come and gone through the hotel. It was really nice to be so welcomed into this guy's home, and if i'm ever passing in the future i'll definitely be stopping by! As always, thanks for looking!
  11. This was was one of the places on our penultimate day, and a lovely chilled explore to start the wind-down with. Tucked away in a sleepy German village but unfortunately it has still fallen victim to some graffiti. I still liked this place, probably due to the greenery and natural decay. Spent a little while here, but by this point we were all knackered - so by this point we wanted to move on to the final derp - and our sleeping place for the night, but thats a story for another report As always, thanks for looking!
  12. Another stupidly hot day and a long walk up a hill in the wrong direction didn't set us off to a great start, but we persevered and before long we were stood outside this beauty. Another villa in a very sorry state, but it certainly makes for some nice photos As always, thanks for looking!
  13. Morning all Recently returned from a trip to Italy and my backlog has just grown massively (so apologised in advance) but expect another spam of reports from me! We had such a good trip - the derps are good, the pizza's are massive and the views are stunning! I was like a mosquito target, and my legs now look like I've got some kind of disease going on here. The biggest challenge now is deciding what to edit, and looking back through my list Red Cross was instantly a favourite of mine. It's so photogenic - the rows of beds left behind, the chapel, and even the tree going in the top floor bathroom. The name come from the red cross painted on the ceiling in the chapel, but over time this has faded - to a point its barely visible anymore, which is a real shame. We bumped into a couple of Italian explorers on our way out, but as neither of us spoke a mutual language we awkwardly smiled and went our own way. As always, thanks for looking!
  14. I'm not trying to be trippy with a codename here.. I just don't know the actual name of this place, so we'll go with Hospital H After a lovely trip to Mr. Kelenfold we looked for other stuff in the area - and with the help of a friend we ended up here. We parked up in a rather busy street, and without looking too suspicious one by one, we slipped through a small gap in the wall. We trekked through the forest until we stumbled upon an array of buildings. The first few we entered were completely cleared - nothing photogenic at all, and it's clear work was in progress. We found a wood chipper with piles and piles of logs near by, so we moved onto the next building. The building itself was lovely, beautiful balconies outside but unfortunately another featureless one. We found the remains of a basketball court that was in a rather sorry state, and then moved onto the final building. It seemed weird there was no security about - despite an obvious looking hut with open doors and a plastic chair outside, and then we spotted him directly. We kept our heads down for a while and before long he'd disappeared again so we carried on. Not wishing to trek back through the forest we looked for an easier way out, although as we emerged from the bushes so did Mr. Security man about 20 foot away, so whats best to do? Run! and so we did - across a cleared area with Mr. Security man in tow, and a rather inelegant jump over the main gate concluded out escape.
  15. I've been a little bit quiet on the editing front in the last week or two - but i'm back on it now, so here's a beautiful villa from Italy! This was another early morning start but boy was it worth it! We got in whilst it was still dark and chilled out for a bit, before watching the sunrise on the balcony and beginning to shoot. We spent a while here before moving on, so here's some photos.. I did take a million and one photos here but I wasn't happy with most of them - so I hope these will suffice! As always, thanks for looking!
  16. Another beautiful castello on our trip, and one that gave me a lovely unexpected shock. I'd seen pictures of this place - pictures of the hanging giant and i'd wanted to visit for so long. I didn't know what to expect, I didn't recognise the name. After a long search we found a way in, and it was only when we were inside I recognised where we were, and it was an "ohhhhh it's this place" situation. It exceeded my expectations, and I absolutely loved it. We spent so long in here mooching around and searching for the giant, and the reward was definitely worth it when we got there. We'd run out of water and had one bottle of beer between us - so a celebratory drink was gone in seconds when we made it out As always, thanks for looking!
  17. Now looking at this giant concrete monstrosity from the outside we thought "there's no way there can be anything nice inside" - but we were pleasantly surprised. This was a massive place, and it smelt absolutely disgusting inside. We spent a fair while in here and even longer shooting the bloody spiral staircase , but it was worth it. Enjoyed the natural decay here, and although it was a little trashed there seemed to be little sign of graffiti and that - probably due to the remote location as getting in was a breeze. As always, thanks for looking!
  18. Carrying on with the Italy bits - this was an extremely beautiful we visited on our last day. It was a flying visit as we were kinda short on time, but it was nice to get it done. There were other parts to this abandoned monastery, but we focused on the chapel. It seems the vandals have just moved in with a little bit of graff on the floor, but nothing to major - hopefully it stays that way. As always, thanks for looking!
  19. So this was on the home leg of my Italy tour, and one i'd definitely been looking forward to doing. We weren't able to do this early due to time constraints, so we went for it on a sunny afternoon. It's situated in the back part of a graveyard, and the lady in the flower shop conveniently placed by the entrance. She knows what we do - so trying to act as inconspicuous as possible we wondered through the entrance, and took a fast walk to the restricted buildings to get our shots. We didn't spend too long inside, but it was one i was glad to visit. As always, thanks for looking!
  20. This was another stop on one a 3 day euro trip with a couple of good friends, and i'd been wanting to see this one for a while. I think we missed the boat on this one, as there was a sign up outside with plans for redevelopment, and not much to see inside - although a couple of shots still to be had. I'd heard tales of an angry neighbour here, and with one of party deciding to stay in the car we went off to shoot. Luckily I was almost finished and we heard 2 beeps on the horn.. we looked at eachother and both acknowledging what they meant we packed out gear up and made a rather quick exit, just as a rather large 4x4 was coming down the road behind us - nice escape Kept this one short and sweet, but as always - thanks for looking!
  21. The castle was built by a disgruntled Count after an inheritance dispute on the turn of the 20th century didn't go their way. The Count employed an architect from Turin and lived a lavish lifestyle for over 40 years until he passed away. A few years later the castle was left abandoned. We arrived here late in the afternoon and spent a while finding a way in, but it was definitely worth it. It's a shame we lost the light here, because there were many other ornate rooms to photography - but at least the top of the tower yielded a beautiful sunset over the hills. As always, thanks for looking!
  22. Evening All! This beauty was one of the places we visited on a recent trip around europe, and what a trip it was! 9 days, 7 countries and over 4,500 miles! It was certainly a trip to remember, from camping in the alps under thousands of stars one one of the clearest nights i've ever seen, to being inches from becoming stranded in czech in the middle of the night. We met some strange, somewhat crazy and definitely unique characters on our travels, from a tree growing hippie to a lovely old man taking care of a power station. It was so draining - getting by on minimal sleep, but an array of mcdonalds breakfasts, takeaways and cheep beer certainly helped! This was a beautiful place we done in austria, but i didn't get my hopes up too much - i'd heard it was sealed but we were passing so gave it a go anyway. Persistence paid off and after a while of searching we found a way in, and in the middle of a sunny sunday afternoon we slipped in one by one, attempting to get in undetected by the many passing by. A little eager to get in, bags were bundled through the hole and into the basement - not realising the floor had been removed, so it soon turned into a game of balance on the metal framework Once inside the scale of the place hit me, especially the grandeur of the staircases - definitely one of my favourite to date. We spent a good couple of hours here, sweltering in the heat before hitting the road to my friends house. We arrived just as the sun was setting, and my what a beautiful view he has. He told me he had a wine cellar, but i didnt realise the size until i stepped down and saw a monumental amount of alcohol. we certainly made a small dent in that, along with loads of pizza and a fire under the stars. As always, thanks for looking!