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  1. my very first location on my very first UK trip and also my first encounter with a madman, who turned out to be the self proclaimed ' caretaker' of these buildings I don't really call ' bricking up a wall out of dig turds on the window sink' as 'taking care' but hey, maybe the comon uses are different accross the channel??? ended up in some kind of car chase with the guy too so, here it is : Schisms
  2. It's was not the easiest of all, i should check my RAW's but when I do HDR, i blend them in LR and then edit them a bit more. it gives a quite natural form of HDR, the way i like it the most.
  3. the acces is sealed again, therefore this was the only picture i could take, struggling my tripod through a fence. tho a bit later we came across a 'guide' who was walking a group of families (20! people) and according to him there was maybe a slight chance that the other part was open, but then again, we didn't feel like struggling another kilometre through the woods in the opposite direction and in deep mud with the risk of going back empty handed.
  4. The Godarville tunnel was a boatunnel and has a length of 1050 meters. In order to overcome the enormous differences in height on the Charleroi-Brussels canal, many locks were built in the Samme valley between Ronquières and Seneffe and a 1267 m long tunnel was built : La Bête tunnel. Soon there was a need for a canal with a larger capacity and between 1854 and 1857 the canal was enlarged for vessels up to 350 tons. The old tunnel, however, formed a bottleneck and so it was replaced by the new tunnel of Godarville. As a result, the number of locks was limited to 30. After the Second World War it was decided to make the canal navigable for ships up to 1350 tons. Since neither the Samme nor the tunnel of Godarville could make this enlargement, a new route had to be built between Ronquières and Godarville. . The tunnel is closed with large metal gates on both sides to keep the cold out during the winter. On the south side, in the tunnel next to the canal, there is a towpath on which the horses towed the boats. Dimensions length: 1050 m width: 8 m maximum ship width: 5 m maximum draft: 2.1 m
  5. love it! for me, number 3 is stunning
  6. Totally love abandoned theatres. Nice work here, very elaborate repo which is not easy in those dark conditions.
  7. interesting spot. I really like the pic with the cobweb/spiderweb closet.
  8. This location is the one where you quickly hear the stories about: impossible, the mount everest of the urbex, don't even try ... But sometmes this steel giant likes some company over too and there were rumours of a slight chance to get in. The date was set already and actually something else was on the program but when one fellow exploer had heard that there were loopholes in the net of the impenetrable hell gate (read: fences, 3 rows of nato wire and another 200V power wire as icing on the cake) we wanted to attempt. The hell gate was only a smaller obstacle, because once you pass you are on the playground of little demons in white vans that approach almost without any sound, or with a shepherd dog at their side. With all of the above in mind, I had a very turbulent night's sleep 3 nights in advance. In the end, the steel gods favoured us that day, which enabled me to enjoy this beautiful exploration. Very briefly it became exciting when there were 5 people in the building with helmets and hi-visability jackets. After some back-and-forth texting with my mates, and some cat and mouse tricks to avoid thm, I first hid in a closet and then rushed me to the top where the rest of our team was. Once there, I crossed the 5 fluos ... 5 eyes on me, 2 of them with open mouth. A French voice 'mais, elle est ici tout seule?' 'vous n'avez pas peur'? It turned out to be just the most flashy explorers you can imagine, not to mention the decibels they produced. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
  9. Thznks guys, I'm totally in love with this place ( which i not hard, i guess?)
  10. fantastic set here. great to see some more of this place instead of just only the 'classic'shot.
  11. This building used to be a monastery but in the first World War it was turned into an emergency hospital for soldiers who fought in the trenches. Many Belgian soldiers were brought into care here, which explains why the ' don't spit on the floor" sign is both in French and English. We came here on a chilly winters day in December. I loved how the warm sunlight supported the nice colours in the building. It's also the first location in which i stripped down to take a selfie, to find out later on, loads of other explorers had been there on the same day. this could had turned out very awkward 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Thanks for watching.