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  1. Looks an awesome place man I love this
  2. Hi! Have you any explore pics to share? Be cool to see what you get up to
  3. That looks really nice
  4. Sounds good, be interesting to see what youā€™re exploring out there!
  5. impatience is a virtue šŸ˜‚ lovely stuff right there!
  6. I love that book shot, looks like an interesting place!
  7. Think I did this a couple years back, with the tiled stairs? Surprised that mirror was and is still in one piece!
  8. Hi! I find the same on the southern riviera of England, because up north is where all the lovely industry resides..
  9. Hi and welcome, hope you like it and feel free to join in if youā€™ve got any pics to share!
  10. Yo and welcome from the southern contingent! Sofas ainā€™t such a bad place to plot, good luck with your mission..
  11. Looks like an interesting explore that! Funny seeing the old style V5s
  12. Nice and early with obligatory mcds breakfast haha really liking these pics man!
  13. Looks like that was a nice little solo mission! 2nd to last shot I like very much