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  1. Most exquisite, I've noticed folk have been busy north of the border lately, very nice
  2. I can't say there is anything I feel bad about missing, and besides I've probably done something or half a dozen which others have missed so it's all good.
  3. I've noticed a few photos recently of Scottish mines, those north of the border are very lucky, nice photos!
  4. Glad you enjoyed it duck, to be fair it wasn't a completely wasted revisit for me as I did see a few things I forgot last time I went with Braptor Jesus
  5. For the record I can't actually remember when I went here! The camera says I visited 13 years ago but I think thats a lie. One day I got thrown in the back of a van by my Aunt (as a word of warning, she moderates on here) and my ex wife, dazed and confused I was ordered to clamber into some old court in Sheffield, it wasn't too bad at all and I didn't get killed. Reyt good, nar tekking whippet aht fer walk t'boozer an chip oyl.... as they say in those parts. A court room Some derp in the portrait position, a precarious task as my tripod is held together with masking tape... A bigger court room Corridor to some cells Suffice to say, I can think of much worse ways to spend a Sunday morning!
  6. D90 (mud edition) permanently stuck in January 2000 A scratched 10-20 (both ends!) also full of mud, sharp pictures are becoming a rarity and thats at f11 minimum! I had an 18-55 but I lost it in Bulgaria somewhere...
  7. I tend to go far away to places worth taking pictures of. Conveniently I have access to an economical diesel engined car which can comfortably contain 4-5 people and their respective luggage. I also have access to a low-mid range DSLR and ancillary equipment such as lenses. I at every opportunity resist the need to use either of these, yet somehow I find myself underground as and when my busy existence permits. I also post approximately one report a year as a result of this. So I shall compile my small collection of jpegs from a dozen underground places in approximately four countries below; Pisswiddlethwaitethorpe Main Colliery, near Barnsley €230 tractor, Antwerpen, Koninkrijk België Cwmorthin Slate Mine, Cymru Carrock Tungsten Mine, Lakes Old Man Slate Mine, Lakes Cheers ducks
  8. Some bloke called Japtor Resus or something like that told me to sign up, so I did. My name is Thompski, I'm 26, I live in Better Midlands (i.e the East) and my job involves smashing atoms together with my bare hands (half truth). I enjoy casual trolling, making cynical statements about the endless UE drama, cobs, fine ales and having BBQ's in mines. Yummy