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  1. Nice set of pics. Love the dressing table one.
  2. It was me and the other half you bumped into. We we're probably spotted when we we're on the tank roof. Was a hilarious exit. Think it made dirty jigsaws day.
  3. Impressive set of pics. One for the to do list.
  4. Thought it was high time i actually posted something so here goes my very first post. Had this place on the to do list for sometime now. In fact so long I'd forgotten all about it. Was only after another explore nearby went tits up that we decided to hit this place. Glad I did as it was a real treat. The place is full of old tanks,ground to air missiles, anti tank guns, trucks the highlight for me was the WW2 era 88mm. I have no history as to why this stuff is where it is. Possibly its a failed museum. Am sure someone on here probably knows. Explored with my other half and a non member just before new years.
  5. We're into most things except drains and culverts
  6. We are a couple of explorers from Spalding lincs and Cambridge..cheers
  7. Nice set of pics and some decent graffiti for a change.
  8. Really? 5 floors...sounds intriguing..where do you think the entrance is?