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  1. I loved this explore bri, was probably one of the besst i've/we've done. Amazing photos are per, you're really improving!
  2. What a funny day! was good that you finally got to see Joes! Beautiful photos
  3. The History. Cincinnati Machine Tools was a world renowned manufacturer of milling machines. In the 1950's a large factory and modern headquarters was built alongside the canal at Erdington. The buildings are a striking post war modernist statement running along a traditional section of Birmingham waterway, with a single curved span concrete bridge connecting the main entrance to the opposite bank. It has an intriguing subtle art-deco inspired exterior design. Whilst on the inside Cincinnati is pure 1950’s style and American glamour with lots of marble, terracotta and terrazzo, and as well as a gym and canteen it has its own 200 seatAuditorium. Cincinnati Machine Tools, now MAG, have moved just around the corner to Fort Dunlop. The Visit. I've been going past this place pretty much everyday for 2/3 years, and been wanting to get into it since I saw reports coming up. I'd previously attempted to get into the office building on a earlier visit, but only managed to get into the technical centre. After waiting for a non member to come and pick me up, we headed to the site, and managed to get in the office building. The one thing that stood out to me straight away was the architecture in this place, very 50's/60's with the offices is lavishly fitted out with Green Marble and Patent Tiling. Working our way to the top, the Directors penthouse flat on the top floor has a stunning view over Birmingham and a roof terrace, But also had signs of homeless people using it with made beds on the floor. After 2 + hours exploring, we headed out and went and got a well deserved maccies! Thanks for looking.
  4. Welcome to my second home lol. Gorgeous pictures though!
  5. Looks gorgeous jack! the ceiling is something else!
  6. History Up until the late 60's, the royal mail parcel and lettering sorting offices were based in two buildings on Victoria Square, connected by a bridge spanning Hill Street, where they had been housed for almost 80 years. In 1970, a new, purpose-built, sorting office was constructed on the site of a former railway goods yard, adjacent to canal wharfs of the Birmingham and Worcester canal.Not only was it the largest building in Birmingham at the time, it was also the largest mechanised letters and parcels sorting office in the country. Coincident to this, the House of Commons passed a bill allowing an underground connection to be made between the new sorting office and New Street Station. A 400m long tunnel was constructed beneath Severn Street, which extended the existing underground tunnels at the station that already connected to the Victorian sorting office on Victoria Square.Upon completion, small electric trucks known as 'brutes' were able to pull cages full of mailbags straight off the trains, along the secure passageway, directly into the impenetrable structure of the sorting office.From there a network of lifts, chutes and conveyor belts distributed the mail through the building.It is rumoured that because the link was so secure, jewellers across the city would post their diamonds to themselves on a Friday evening, as it was cheaper than storing them in a vault over the weekend. Some of the other remaining mail tunnels, which sit below the platforms of New Street Station, are to be reopened as staff tunnels, allowing fast access from one side of the new station to the other. In 2011, the building was sold to Brockton Capital in a joint venture with Milligan and is currently undergoing renovation works, due to complete in spring 2015. These works represent another new chapter for the site. The Visit I got given a great opportunity to see these tunnels, so I headed down with a non member and we had a great time. Although it was only one tunnel, you had a great sense of what actually went on years ago. It was good to do something underground, as i'm usually up high or inside a hospital/manor . only thing i'd have to say about this place is it was abit weird to see parts of a huge Christmas tree down there! Thanks for looking:cool:
  7. This place is very high on my list to do, beautiful shots.
  8. Interesting, would be a little creepy but it'd be an experience not many have witnessed.
  9. Shhhh. Thanks man. Thankyou appreciate it. Thankyou, thought i'd update everyone!