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  1. Here we go, towards a little monastery lost between the greenery and the farms. 1. C'mon 2. A beautiful hall 3. maybe some secrets? 4. ceiling 5. let's go 6. time to relax 7. history carved in stone 8. the chapel Hope you have liked it!
  2. Ahahah never done SK, too many persons in the same abandoned place gives me the wtf, there's disneyland for meetings
  3. Heeeeyyyy thank you very much, just an employee with a big passion as everyone of us here in the community,trying to show you in the best way i can what I find,see and love ☺
  4. Ahahahah thanks I usually have to wash my hands after seeing frescoes
  5. What do you think, am I wrong if I say that every town has its own "porn house?" In the middle of the town, a lot of memories from past lives await us hidden from the eyes of the most. Let's go. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Hope you have liked it
  6. Thanks you all yes, very nice, last visit first months of 2015, renovated the roof but still in beautiful decay (y)
  7. It was called the "church of the pigeons" for the big amount of xxxx inside. But now its roof has been renovated and the pigeons have gone away. Back to its beauty. 1 I see you 2 I breathe your sins 3 Charity 4 No more pigeons
  8. The history of the Holy Cross Hospital is surreal. Built about 200 years ago, it has been renovated several times over the years then suddenly abandoned. A new hospital was built exactly in front of it. After a few years, they closed it too. Two abandoned hospitals facing each other. Strange life. Inside Corridors Cold Please don't move Autopsy room Stairs Offices Going Nowhere Corridors Check up
  9. Thank you! It's the bed of the last owner of the house who, as far as I know, spent her last years alone...
  10. Thank you very much mate It'a little place but very nice, I loved the beds and the hall full of frescoes...
  11. Thanks hamtagger I sing with "Still Fucking Hostile", Pantera's Tribute band \m/ ...before this, 5/6 years with "Rosa Antica" (melodic death metal)
  12. My pleasure! Happy to be here