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  1. cgeff

    France Rusty Mine

    Hi All, Some pictures of a mine. A spot quite dangerous but a great place ! Hope you will like these pictures
  2. Hi all, Some pictures from "Bureau Central" Hope that you will like these ones
  3. Hi all, An house somewhere in France....
  4. Hi all, Some pictures of this little chapel somewhere in France I hope you will enjoy it
  5. Hi all, Only three pictures from "Chateau des Dieux" I will post more pictures of this castle soon
  6. Hi all, A place well known in the world of the urbex I expected something better... Everyone talks about this place as being THE spot to do but in the end I was disappointed
  7. Hi all, Some pictures from "La Sainte Usine". Other name for this industrial location "L'Usine du bout du monde" I hope that you will like this :-)
  8. Hi all, Some pictures of an old pottery somewhere in France