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  1. Yes, approximately one hour and a half away from Villa P but much less to start traveling along the southern shore of the lake. It's true, it's a fantastic place but sometimes they seem abandoned and then comes the guardian or any person who has permission to chop wood or graze animals ... I must be careful :p
  2. this is my home!!! Interesting place, around lake is full of abandoned villas and other!
  3. It's amazing! I think this is still larger than that which I have photographed! Awesome!
  4. fantastic tone and light! I love this place!
  5. Yesss I love this place! Decors, frescoes and structure are fantastic! Thanks all kindly for comments!
  6. The road of cement (UN)complete set on FB Built around 1800, the industrial complex has a period of great development, but after about a hundred years is absorbed by another company, leader in the production of cement. Near to the production area there is a large three-storey villa very elegant: it looks like a manor villa but was intended to house employees. Not far away is a rectangular building with a floor, also decorated in Liberty style, which was instead destined to the offices of the factory. The factory is divided into several buildings, within which we find the same environments of other old abandoned factories. Everything seems fairly anonymous The surprise is in the department where there are still kilns and grinding plants : All this has nothing to do with the feeling that you have entering a historic villa but the huge pipes are impressive and leave you breathless !! Thanks for watching !!