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  1. It was a morning it was sunny, 25 degrees. I already had a few hours of driving in my arms when I arrive at the castle. I do like my habit, a small tour around the castle to watch the outside architecture and also find an entry. I managed to find an entry that made me go through the underground. In the underground I find a small staircase to go up, it remains only a small door and I'm officialy in the place. My first impression (when i see the big orange staircase) was "there someone who still lives here" The furnitures are in perfect condition, nothing is damaged, the paint of some ceilings begins to flake ... I decides to explore at great speed in case something could happen. 45 minutes later, I'm outside and falls on the neighbors with whom I speak 1H. The neighbors, who are also the guardians of the castle tell me that since 1951 no one lives in the castle, but there is an owner today ... What luck to have been able to explore here. I let you appreciate the intérior. FULL SET on my web site: http://www.msixphotography.com/reports/gallery/chateau-jumanji/#reports Some pictures of this place:
  2. A lovely castle in France again. Nothing to say about it, just today it's only possible in legal and no picture allowed inside Enjoy this small report Msix
  3. Hello all Here is my new website (in english for you enjoyment): www.msixphotography.com And my new Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/msixphoto Come take a look and give us a like and share, thanks guys & gals. See ya Johann
  4. In the mountains , a beautiful house stands near a torrent. That day there was a heavy rain outside . But the colors were superb. Nice exploration. I hope you enjoy
  5. A nice but empty castle, not too much objects inside. But a realy nice place to visit. Cool colors, nice decay piano, lovely staircase. Enjoy your visite
  6. Here a small church in France, some cool light and nice objects. Enjoy
  7. In a very small village in the south of France, there is a cool castle. This castle is going to be renovated, to make some apartements. You can see the guardian of the castle in 2 pictures Enjoy
  8. Canon EOS 6D - body Canon 16-35mm F4 L serie Canon 40mm F2.8 Canon FD mount SSC ASPHERICAL 55mm F1.2 Tamron FD mount 90mm F2.8 macro lens
  9. Here a set of a small castle but realy nice place to visit. Very cool place, nice staircase and lot of furniture here. You can see paint on walls like in lot of castles in the Yvelines departement in France. But it's not in this departement. Enjoy all
  10. Here is a short edit about a small but realy nice courthouse. It's in the center of a small city. Lot of cops in this city, so we made it at 11PM like ninjas . Good place to visit even with low light. Just two pics, the courtroom and the staircase. Enjoy
  11. Here it's a ruined castle, near to an other castle (but this one have an owner)... Prety quiet place, cool place for a good sunday Here the pictures
  12. It's now a dead place mate -> they are a new owner in this place
  13. In an old factory are few stocks hundreds of Mercedes cars. I was play in this plant when I was a child with the daughter of the bosses. There are now 3 years I returned , there has been much change compared to my childhood memories . Here are some pictures
  14. In the heart of a very small village , there is this little house . A foreign car was immediately spotted in the village cause it is small. Today the house is a mess. Many objects have disappeared. There a few time 3 German break cars were seen to load objects from the house into the cars. Today it is almost imposble to do spot . Except in very early morning . The Owner is an elderly wom , which is completely hysterical and called immediately the Police . Enjoy your visit
  15. We arrive and we stop at the edge of a small road. To our right , a full mosquito creek. To the left a huge park with the forest. We descided with Offone Decay (one off my exploration friend) going into the forest. And here we come across a huge castle , no window is broken, no sign of forced entry. Only the few walkers can see us enter the castle . We look through a window before entering. And here we see that all the furniture is still there, as it nobody ever left this place... Its feels like a perfect plan. Here I share a few pictures of this find (1 full day for the exploration of this castle), I hope you enjoy it Today this castle is in a big mess, it's missing many small objects and everything is the ground. ... So sad:mad: