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  1. visited this one early morning.was not expecting great things from this place turns out it was one of the nicest houses I have been too.the place was a bit different to what I am normally use to with stuff from the sixties to the eighties.it had a real vibrant feel to the place,but the same smell and feel as any other derp.
  2. Visited this old house a few months back.from the outside it just looks like a very small run down derelict cottage.but once inside its like a little time warp.nothing had been touched for a very long time.the pictures still hung on the wall.cobwebs everywhere.the place was a nightmare to shoot and very dark and dingy in most rooms
  3. Thank you all.will certainly try to get some more posts up soon
  4. Great pics there.I never forget when I spotted this place and went in.I was well pleased.nothing had been touched.so glad you liked it
  5. My friend told me about this outdoor pool hidden in the woods and showed me a few pics.i just knew I had to see this.always one for something unusual and different.fast forward a few months and I was travelling back from my last trip to Scotland.i popped in on the way home.i took the stroll through the woods and there it was sunken below in the trees.it is in the grounds of a Manor House.i have no idea when it was built.but it's in a state now.the coloumns around the pool use to have statues on them.you can still see the original tiles and hand rails.it sits in a bit of a sun trap.the pool is filled with natural spring water.which has been been filtered off to feed the pool.the water still flows next to the pool.with holes in the concrete everywhere.i would say this pool was for the more well off.i fell in love with this place.the peace and tranquility was lovely.and can imagine it was grand in its hey day. The pool how it was in the sixties How it looks now from above the water filter system. Bathers steps from the changing rooms The deep end steps Pool lights I would guess this was the diving board frame
  6. Thank you.I did find a couple I can post one
  7. Great post and great re edits.sadly I just started as this was going
  8. Whilst out early to get some snaps of the Norfolk broads I was travelling home and the sun was still low and frost glistening.so I took a diversion to see this small collection of vehicles.hid from sight in a clump of trees there is a small rselection here.my favourite being the series one landie..been waiting for this time of year to visit here for the overgrowth to die back.
  9. Whilst on a trip to Scotland.me and missy visited this old church.cant find any history on it.but it is defiantly very decayed now.just a "T" shaped main room.and a little extension out back for making tea and a toilet.the light and colours in here were lovely.with some beautiful light coming through.the church floor was littered in bird crap and lots of dead crows.surprisingly not pigeons as there usually is..the tower steps were collapsed in so no getting up there sadly.
  10. Thanks to sime for the tip off on this place.visited this with a few friends.we hit it early on a wet and grey morning.it was a bit of a trek up a very muddy path.i slipped over twice.and was filthy.but it was worth it.you could only get in one train there.but it was lovely and reminded me off the derelict orient express in Belgium.it was nice to wander around the outside too with all the bits and bobs laying about.
  11. Been to this house twice now..and I love it.I love that living room.you got some really nice shots from here urbexabandoned.captured it really well.and I know what you mean about wallpaper.I have been a few houses now.and witnessed some real funky ones..but after doing a tour of the west Country at the weekend I have seen the most hideous and colourful paint and wallpaper scheme..nice to see you doing a house ☺
  12. Since red mole discovered this place early last year.i went in a week after him with janovitch.it is somewhere I have desperately wanted to go back to.it really is one of my favourite locations.so me and janovitch had a few spares hours so a last minute decision was made to make an early morning revisit.it was nice nothing had changed or gone missing.stuff has been moved for shot taking.the place has deteriorated badly since our last visit.the place really is wonderful.a little time warp.the property consists of two residential dwellings and the shop out front.a true traditional village one.selling general groceries and sweets.also household goods.there is a lot of shoes in here to.i decided to venture in the collapsed sheds to see what I could find.i passed a dead rat with no head.god knows what happened to its head.and out back I found a really old sewing machine and radio..this place really is the place that keeps giving with bits to discover all the time.i am sure I will be going back here again at some point. Time stands still at the shop.
  13. Glad you got here.it certainly is a bit grim.been to many houses and it's not one I would want to rush back too.you got some great shots though
  14. While out and about looking for something else I spotted these old diggers behind a fence.so I went to investigate.i was wandering around the site looking what was about.i wa then approaching the old bungalow there I heard a dog barking.there was a dog behind a fence next to me.being near some old caravans I decided to get out in case someone come out.so I got out and hid up and watched and no one came out.i was determined not to go away without photos so ventured back in.being careful to avoid going were the dog was I quickly went around and got my photos.i think the dog is just there to scare people away.
  15. I recognise this place..a very hidden place too.I loved wandering around here to be honest.and Ineed to go back and remy photos..you got some lovely shots though.
  16. Glad you got to see the best bits..you got some lovely shots here.it truly is a lovely place
  17. Visited this place with my exploring partner..I had been warned it was not for the faint hearted.but we were not prepared for what we saw.as we entered the door there was a dog cage and inside was a skeleton of a dog.trapped inside.there was lots of cages inside and dog baskets.rubex found some documents upstairs showing it was a dog re homing place.the whole house was covered in dry dog poo.several inches thick.i found out later the story was that a married couple owned it.the husband died and his wife struggled to cope.and went down with Alzheimer's and was bed ridden in one room.there was lots of water bottles in one room.and she died there leaving the dogs to fend for themselves.god knows what them poor things suffered in there.resorting to chewing the furniture.the rspca had apparently visited earlier but failed to take the dogs away.the place was full of beautiful stuff.we walked away feeling sad instead of feeling happy that we had seen a massive house full of stuff.i have been in a lot of houses now.but nothing will compare to what I saw in here
  18. Bletchley park is well known as being home of the famous code breakers the site is set in the grounds of a Manor House, and as the war progressed it stretched into blocks and huts in the grounds. The site started with a handful of people working there and at it's peak there was 10,000 personal here. Some of the brightest young minds were recruited to break the codes of the axis forces and then the Japanese later. The German enigma was cracked here and they say the work of the people here could have shortened the war by two years, the enigma had been in use since 1918 and was thought to be flawless but a team working under Alan Turing, prob the most renowned code breaker in huts 3,6,4 and 8 finally cracked it. They could now intercept the German messages. This helped greatly in the d day landings too. There was so much more went on here too. I could copy and paste loads from Wikipedia, but there is plenty to read out there, and a film I must see now about the works of Turing. The explore Visited with rubex after looking at overstone hall and seeing they have put the most massive new fence up.with barb wire n it and a secca van parked inside with two big dogs..so I remembered the code breakers place, and I have not seen a report on here for a while. I had been last year and found part of the site but always wanted to see the G block, so we drove down to it and hit both sites, I really enjoyed it. Block G The block here was used as traffic analysis and deception operations. I really enjoyed seeing this as a lover of anything Second World War and this place is legendary. As I wandered the corridors I thought from a photo side of things it was amazing, some of the best natural decay you will see, and from an exploring side of things at points I was lost in a world of my own, thinking of all the history of the place and what secrets the place holds still as all workers were made to sign the official secrets act for life. This was site two.i did stumble upon this last year.i don't think it's well known.i just found it because I drove up the road which is a dead end to turn around.i still don't know what this was used for.i can't find anything on maps about it.it sits just outside the main site.its obviously been used for other purposes since the.sadly now it seems the kids have got in there,still some nice shots to be had though.
  19. Thank you acid reflux.and thanks for your input.guess my shots are not to everyone's taste and I appreciate that.I like the old look so I guess that's why I do them like that.I am sure I can have a go with a single raw shot though.but I guess everyone is different ☺ but always willing to try something different
  20. Thank you for the nice comments..I did not take pics of the dog.apparently I did not see it but there was another one in the shed curled up in the corner
  21. Great work there cp..glad you got to see this one.I heard now it has been trashed
  22. Thank you hamtagger..it really was sad.you have to experience it to feel it