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  1. Welcome to the forum guys, I've send you a PM
  2. Welcome to OS, fellow Belgian citizen! :-)
  3. Ok thanks for the heads up, I really didn't know this. Normal mushrooms or the Dutch speciality? :-) cool to know
  4. I'd advise you to wait some time and try it again, after being on threat level 1.
  5. Looks like a nice one man! :-) I really love these pictures
  6. So this doesn't directly have something to do with the camera we use, though recently I bought this kind of tablet-laptop hybrid thing. I must say it has been quiet useful due it's compactness. We can always check or locations offline and online at GE. Also, one great advantage it has is the fact you can immediately store photographs to the tablet by either usb or (micro-)sd. - In case we run low on GB's or we are afraid of getting caught in certain locations. (I can easily take the micro-sd out, they could check my tablet and his camera and will find nothing besides the spare sd that is still in the camera and has only pictures of locations we already stored on our computer before). While a phone is sometimes pretty annoying and runs out of battery much faster, this is very nice, because it lasts for about 11hours so we don't have dead phones after half a day due to constantly having to check if we're at the right location etc. - and sometimes use it as a flashlight. (And because it has the keyboard you can look things up faster + your display is protected by it if you accidently hit a wall or something whilst climbing or something like that)
  7. I have an analog from my dad since a while, maybe I should get some films and join your 'community'
  8. Thanks! That would be nice, we're currently looking for an appartment and stuff , but sure we would like to meet you and be shown around some local things!
  9. So I saw some people wanted to plan a trip to Europe, maybe Belgium. Now something was in the news today and I was so excited to, maybe, possibly be able to encounter this precious pearl myself. So here's a link to a swimming pool in the Netherlands that has been closed since 2010. (Please don't start whining I'm not supposed to share locations publicly, because it was all over the news) http://www.ad.nl/ad/nl/1038/Rotterdam/article/detail/4078162/2015/06/16/Verpauperd-zwemparadijs-Tropicana-gefilmd-met-drone.dhtml The text is in Dutch but you can watch the Drone-made video. Anyone interested in going there? Maybe we can organise to do some locations in Belgium (we live here) and then go to the Netherlands?
  10. We went there approx. 2 weeks ago and everything was closed off as fuck, besides all the announcements that it is strictly forbidden to enter, people are living inside the building at the moment and they keep an eye on strangers trying to get in. Believe me, we contacted the guy.
  11. Due to my boyfriend's great coördination, we spent half an hour searching in this field while we needed to be in one 2 miles further. ;p
  12. Thanks! Besides the casual archaeological sites my girlfriend probably has to go to, we hope to find some great UK locations!
  13. A random location we stumbled upon while we were looking for another urbex. For a few more pictures: http://decaymasters.com/2015/06/16/lost-traveller/