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  1. This place looks amazing and the lucky monkey is cool too great stuff =}
  2. What a place!! Great read Timster and spectator pics as always =}
  3. Wowsers what a beauty both inside and out you've captured it beautifully photos are breath taking I need it in my life!!
  4. Holy mother of god!! God damn fantastic truly beautiful location ... Amen =}
  5. One of my favourite places and you have captured it superbly fan bloody tastic =}
  6. So wish I had a head for heights I'd be away ... Fantastic Photos and the vid was pretty cool too fab share =}
  7. Keep forgetting about these till they pop up ... You have captured them amazingly some fantastic pics here and great for a first report ... I must go see =}
  8. Wowsers it's looking rather clean now cracking shots ... Damn shame water tower gona be gone
  9. This place really surprised me ... Huge out buildings three floors and house ... Bonus ... Brilliant day lovely meeting you too till the next time real soon matie
  10. What a enjoyable read and cracking location superb photographs all in all fantastic =}
  11. Some stunning photos super location nice one Lara sounds like a scream =}