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  1. Looks awesome. Would really love to go to an abandoned cinema, they look so.. nostalgic Great pics mate
  2. Very nice, would love to take my bike round there
  3. Thanks guys! I would consider going back there. And yes I've been looking at tripods, been wanting one for a while.
  4. Well this is probably my biggest 'find' yet, although I didn't go in the building. Here's the Old Coach Inn/House, a 17th century two-star hotel, previously run by a French chef. After looking at old reviews, the Hotel seems to have had a variety of feedback; the majority being negative. I assume these kind of places don't get much business, it's pretty hidden away and not the best location - this is the same place as the burn-out Diner. I went here a few months ago, and from what I can remember there was a sign outside saying "yard to let". I don't think anyone will be snapping this up anytime soon. In 2013, the place was discovered to be a huge cannabis farm making "industrial amounts" - another reason I didn't really want to go in, although I assume it's been cleared of the stuff. Here's the news link: http://www.kentonline.co.uk/canterbury/news/hotel-drugs-factory-1053/ Anyway, time for some pics. Exterior shots One of my favorite shots there ^ Interior shots These first two were taken through the large windows at the front of the building These next couple were taken at the right side of the building, there are a couple side entrances there Now here's the scariest part of the place that I saw (I'm sure there's much worse inside). This is at the right side of the building. Flung open trap doors. Still makes me shiver lookin at these pics I used the zoom and flash on the last couple pictures - and I've been trying to see what's on the small table. What worries me is; look on the right of that table, that looks like a smashed pot, with ashes scattered over the table. I really hope it's not. Tell me what you think it is, hope you enjoyed my second report.
  5. Thanks skeletonkey, Yeah the place is wrecked, completely empty inside. I just wanted to have a look at it, and it's all happened fairly recently. Planning permission was given for a new restaurant and hotel a couple of years ago and the place is sold, nothings changed so far though..
  6. Thanks mate! I'm liking all the warm welcomes
  7. Yeah he couldn't deal with all the responsibilities.. xD Thank you very much for the guide! I shall use that from now on.
  8. So I've noticed this place on the A2 a couple of times now whilst on the way to Lydden Hill (to watch some drifting ), and on the way back last Sunday we stopped to check it out. After researching it, turns out it's had a mixture of owners in the past. When it got burnt down though, it was branded "Mickey's Diner". From what the KM says, an angry employee covered the place in petrol and burnt it.. because he got promoted! Check out the stories here: http://www.kentonline.co.uk/kent/news/potwasher-torches-mickeys-diner-a70639/ http://www.kentonline.co.uk/canterbury/news/burnt-out-canterbury-diner-up-fo-a56993/ I didn't want to go full out photographer here so apologies for the shaky pictures. We were kind of rushing and there were two guys with a broken down Beemer staring at us the whole duration.. Here's the original link to the gallery - unsure if works http://postimg.org/gallery/1kqa3ncpw/ Some exterior pictures Some interior pictures Dumped old Ford van in the car park Followed the Flickr tutorial, thanks guys
  9. Yeah I've started seeing quite a few people from around Kent, which is a good thing! I've gathered about five places that I will upload later.
  10. Hi guys, just thought I'd post in here to say hi. I'm from Maidstone, Kent and have been interested in Urbex for a while, but never really looked into it seriously. Recently I've started looking into places around Kent (and i've found some good locations!) and I shall be going on these 'trips' soon. Meanwhile I have a few previous adventures that i'll share with you guys soon.