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  1. Hey folks sorry I have not posted in sometime been rather busy with so many trips an projects at the moment. Here is a wonderful decaying carehome, its closure was around 2000 an since natural decay has set in wonderfully, maybe too much as when you reach the top of the main staircase dont turn left as I figured out, the floors like wallpaper an lucky the radiator was there to "save" me. Anyway after exploring around here, we set off to some other places but upon our return home, my partner did not like her shots, so the next day we went back Enjoy the piccys! Thanks for looking everyone
  2. Every so often you come across something unseen from forums or even the internet before, an considering I love exploring old houses this one I could not pass up on again, I first noticed this place a few months ago driving past it then a few weeks ago the other half remembered about it, as I had long forgotten so we decided to pay a visit upon route to another house. Not much room inside as all rooms where packed full of stuff the small house itself had been turned upside down either by looters or kids, but either way the good stuff remained, an old gasmask with box was outside under some bits and buckets, inside a beautiful piano sits hardly untouched, while you looked around you soon noticed alot more than what you first would upon entering. As i said hardly any full room shots, but hopefully what I have is enough to show an insight into this place. (address an so fourth been edited). Enjoy Thank you for looking
  3. I spent all of 10mins inside here last year sometime... I need another shot at it
  4. not a bad place to spend half hour, good decay crap tagging, but alright for tanks an shizz
  5. That clean you can eat off the floor, just avoid my footprints
  6. Indeed alot onsite, but hospitals dont appeal weirdly enough but mortuaries do
  7. What a place! I dont often favour these types of places, but this one was a must from ever seeing it once on the forums a few years back, still to this day I loved it and have a new soft spot for places like this. Inside its a mini death trap with soggy pigeon poo soaked floors, but it has such a photographic essence you cant really go wrong no matter where you point an set up your camera. Had issues limiting my photos from here. Some history below! George Barnsley & Sons Ltd was founded in 1836 and were originally situated on Wheeldon Street, Sheffield. By 1849 they had moved to the Cornish Works, which were much larger premises. They specialised in the manufacture of files and cutting tools for use in the shoe making industry. There are a number of family names that are known to have deep roots in the Sheffield area, and the Barnsley name is undoubtedly one of them. In 1650 George Barnsley became Master Cutler, a role fulfilled by another George Barnsley in 1883. This George Barnsley was of the second generation of the firm of George Barnsley and Sons, toolmakers. The business grew to become the world's leading producer of tools for shoemakers. The technological revolution of the 20th century saw a decline in the need for traditional tools. George Barnsley's survived until 2003 when the premises finally closed Thanks for looking folks
  8. Probably one of my favourite locations this year! well up there with some of my favs anyway... An old farmhouse and the owner dont care about it but inside its a brilliant treasure of a place, upon entering I went through the floor (ankle deep) as I left the room I then went through the floor again, think that one room was cursed as it got me on the way out aswel. Upstairs a gem of little trinkets and some fine decay on the walls, with branches growing in through broken top windows, its a real gem to be seen, big thanks to Mikeymutt for the heads up. Since my visit a few bits have been moved about like a game of chess lol On with the photos! Thats all folks, more coming soon no doubt thanks for looking!
  9. Had a heads up from a mate about this place, so decided to have a nose around early one morning... VERY CLEAN! After spending some time in Sheffield I was on route back down the country, an after a quick scope of access, I then parked up in another nearby field and caught a few hours kip. Frosty start and inside I went before workmen arrived, gave myself a max time limit and away I went, honestly you could MOVE IN TOMORROW! from a few old newspapers darted about it was left circa 2012, an a tiny bit of damp on the carpet is visible, but hey it needs a new owner thats for sure. On with the shots! My only regret was not taking a cheeky bath after 3 days sleeping in the car oh well all clean now!
  10. Yep another RAF Upwood post sorry folks! I had ventured around here late last year and easily got booted off by Mr estate car, since then its been active due to that medical facility but sadly not do-able an half collapsed. Anyway after the airsoft players finished in I ventured an spotted another group of people enjoying whatever you can enjoy about this place... The graffiti did not interest me, so kind of focused more on the natural decay here, but thats damn hard in itself with the amount of crappy scribbles... Anyway best part about going in the evening as sunset was approaching, dead quiet I enjoyed the silence... That was until Mr estate car opened the gates and I was off in an out the buildings like a mole. Many know the history. And a pose at the end Cheers for looking
  11. Awoke early down a farmers track at 6am, cold an legs numb from the sleep in the car, this place was on my list so it was time to tick it off. I rather enjoyed seeing these myself as from peoples pics here an there across the web, light painted like mad in here to even get a shot I was pleased of, loved the peep holes an how the light began to shine in from one end of the cells. Some history St. Mary’s was originally a work house and later turned into a hospital, this place, unlike most others, retained some of it's original features from it's Workhouse origins. The whole Vagrant's block had been retained. Why they did this was unclear, but a small section of this small block was converted into a small Mortuary that would service both St Mary's and Melton Mowbray cottage hospitals Thanks for looking everyone