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  1. Lots of bits had changed by the time we saw this.
  2. After our visit to a very secret court location (here- http://www.oblivionstate.com/forum/showthread.php/6948-dA-ep1c-cort-toR-daT-n01-haz-seeN-Sheffield-Feb-2014 ) we went to an almost unknown area up the road, epic splores were had. And for those who get botred easily, there is a story here. Thigs were epic. There were windows. And pins. Some graff. And bottles. Rustyderpface took a picture. Of Butt Knives And she threatened Beardlass So he called his mum. The End
  3. 4 Nelly. At this point I feel the lack of a wanker emote LOL!
  4. Well, we all know where this is, it's still the same place it was last time everyone else went, my second visit, accompanied by Bearywierdy, GEORg who ruined uMbocKz and gingerDerpBirDrustyhairZ. Much better this time, wasn't full of uEtooo0r1zTz and there wasn't a pantomime horse to be seen. TA
  5. Are you ok Beardatroll? mI am worried because of these reasons. 1. These are good, they don't look like they were shot by a Japanese tourist with a Nikon. 2. You posted them here rather on the Daily Mail forum. LOLLLLLLLLZ!
  6. Thanks man. oing to do more of these, will be easier if I do it somewhere lighter. High ISo and 2 second exposure made it soft, BAH!