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  1. Looks pretty this place! That first shot of the ceiling is awesome!
  2. Not been to this place since i started exploring! Still looking just as run down but some nice shots there
  3. Cheers dude and yeah definitely! Plenty more to be explored up there!!
  4. Fife Power Station was a gas fired power station located in Cardenden, Fife and was a gas-fired station that was able to generate a combined cycle output of 109MW. The site was bought out by Scottish and Southern Energy for £12.3 million which secured the work of the 10 members of staff that worked that at the time until the station closed in March 2011. This was the second explore of the day and after being sat in the car for an eternity it was good to have a mooch around this place to stretch off. A fair bit of the site has now been demolished and whats left is far from working condition but was still a worthwhile visit added to the road trip! Cheers for looking!!
  5. Whoa this place looks awesome!! Nice shots and seems like it was one epic trip!!
  6. Cheers man! And yeah it has taken a while to pull my finger out but got a few ready to post now
  7. A bit of History: The plant started operating in 1855 and employed over 2000 workers at the hight of its trade. It has had other names over the years but Croda being the most commonly known in recent times. The plant unfortunately closed in 2009, which did cause over 100 staff to loose their jobs, but they very kindly spent £40 million on turning this danger hazard into a playground for us adventurers! The Explore: This one was explored with Raz and Fat Panda.. As we arrived, true to their nature, we had council workers opposite our entrance just wasting air as they sat there motionless in their van. We took a wander around the site and managed to find our way in after having a lovely chat with one of the local scum bags who just could not understand why we weren't going in to steal anything... Anyway after creeping around a little we came to the conclusion there was no secca onsite. Now with freedom to explore we wandered freely. Unfortunately I could not make it up the towers as my jelly legs would not allow me to but all in all it was a fun explore. This is the first report I have uploaded so any pointers would be great Thanks for looking this far
  8. Cheers man! And ah yeah I understand what you mean now thanks. And yeah if you could do that be be awesome man
  9. Cheers guys! And raz do you mean just align the image links and that will allign them yeah?
  10. Hey guys, I'm new to here and looking forward to getting my reports finished and up from about two years of explores. Keep an eye out and let me know what you think
  11. Cheers guys and aye ill be sure to pop up for any help! my first will be up this evening so any advice is definitely appreciated!
  12. Definitely my derpiest explore yet, never thought i would need to apply my minesweeper experience to the simple task of traversing a room!! Awesome shots though dude! Glad I got to visit while it's still here