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  1. The History There isn't really a great lot to say about this place as its only a train tunnel but the reason behind this being built in the first place is still a little funny. Located in Derbyshire, the 967 meter tunnel was constructed for the sole reason of hiding the view of the railway where this passed Haddon House from the Duke of Rutland. This was clear sign of the Dukes determination to preserve his countryside view . The tunnel was opened in 1863 and remained this way until 1967 when the line eventually closed. There are plans for a future restoration of the tunnel to extend heritage rail services however this will likely require some fundraising to be a possibility. The Explore Again there isn't really a lot that i can about the explore as this is just a walk from one end of the tunnel to the other but the ventilation shafts do create some cool shots in here however I only ended up coming out with a handful. Even though it was only small and not much of a challenge it was still a fun visit and was worth the wander. Thanks for looking!
  2. Nice report man not seen this place in quite a while!
  3. Awesome report mate love it! This place brings back so many childhood memories!!! Definitely going to have to visit soon!
  4. Cheers all! Glad I waited to get this report up as after looking through my old shots from last year I was pretty shocked with myself
  5. So after about a year since we last went to Sheffield we got a couple of re-visits in this weekend and since I wasn't too active on here the last time, i thought a report was due. The History: Founded back in 1836, George Barnsley & Sons Ltd was initially located on Wheeldon Street, Sheffield. They were able to move to the Cornish works in 1849, which was a much larger premises. George Barnsley & Sons Ltd specialized in the manufacture of files and other tools for use in the shoe making industry and grew to become the worlds leading producer for shoemakers. Unfortunately George Barnsley did not out-live the advancements of the 20th century, rendering the traditional tools obsolete, and was open until 2003 when the site finally closed. The Explore: It had been about a year or so since my last visit here and has definitely been a location I have wanted to see again for some time. Not much had changed from what I could remember, other than it being much less overgrown outside and the floorboards having just a little more give to them which always makes things interesting. Nothing too exciting went on while we were there and we wandered in and out like it we owned the place Visited with @Hydro, @Fatpanda and two other non-members As always, Cheers for looking!!
  6. This building looks epic! Awesome report man, can imagine that being a unique and terrifying way be to escorted out of a derp!
  7. Cool place this man Love that first pic and those detail shots too!
  8. Haha I assume they were left by a previous explorer or a ghost with a rather odd OCD habit
  9. Pretty cool report and a chilled wander mate Also looks to have a kinda creepy Chernobyl feeling to it!
  10. Ill be honest i didn't but kinda wish i meant for it Definitely need to venture down south more often!!