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  1. Explored with Starlight & Chopper I won't bore you with the history of this place, although very sad and horrid, i am sure most, if not all know the story's behind this place. if you want to see some history, check out Lara's cracking report here : http://www.oblivionstate.com/forum/showthread.php/6234-Crookham-Court-School-2013 or ya know... Google --- pre-warning, some photos contain hdr's, i am still in a learning process, so sorry if i've over crooked them --- After a first failed attempt, we returned adamant and hopeful that access would be available, luckily for us it was. As uneasy as i felt the first time around the site, once gaining access this had flown over me as the smell of dampness and musk hit my nostrils, we got our cameras out and did what we do best !, on the photographics ! At least she is still here Anyone for a game of Cricket ?! The first signs of getting wreaked, the bath tub on the piss =[ Amazingly the curtains are still here.. can't say that about the fire place in the same room though Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest splorer's of them all Rotten to the core We spent a while in this room, so gorgeous around the bottom of the staircase was littered with Tv's o.O Doors, doors and rather unsettling door... Damn it chopper ! Rubba dub dub, no i didnt get in the tub Now very very wrecked =[ Didn't stop us from having some fun though Boo ! 10 points if you know where this is Thanks for looking !! Rest can be seen : http://www.flickr.com/photos/urdex/sets/72157637393522795/
  2. Hello, yes i am still alive , planning to get back out there a lot more now ! want to get back in the game, was an awesome night !
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    HDR Shots

    A thread to show off your HDR shots If HDR offends you, then kindly do not complain on this thread or look. If you're new HDR then the internet is littered with excellent tutorials will start us off : Crookham
  4. some lovely shots here =]
  5. ahh cool stuff, this was a good explore this place =]
  6. that is a very cool report, cheers =]