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  1. Explore; A very fun weekend in London including rooftops, underground things and opening live doors that seem derps, topped off with a tour of this place. Unfortunatley, they weren't allowing access to other parts of the premises however, the main part was cool. Visited with @SpiderMonkey @AndyK! and @PROJ3CTM4YH3M. Cheers for looking!
  2. One from a couple of months back, explored with @SpiderMonkey and @PROJ3CTM4YH3M after having a little visit to a few other places near by we decided to give this a go. All in all it was a decent explore pretty wrecked now and most of the buildings pretty much looked the same however there's plenty to explore and some nice decay going on was in here a good few hours. However, unless you are planning on getting lost/losing someone I recommend trying to stick together as we found out after trying to find PJ for an hour to find him at the car with a dead phone. Cheers for looking!
  3. Explore; Another one from our France trip back in May, explored with @SpiderMonkey and @AndyK!. This was the last explore of our first day of being in France so only a few photos as we had limited sun light and still had a long car journey ahead. We were a little nervous about this one due to previous people talking about it and also seeing a man and his son on their bikes locking the gate at the top of the drive. However after a little detour around the wall and through the woods we were in. Unfortunately, most of the rooms had been stripped and nothing really there apart from a few things and all the pictures on the walls had been covered over. However, it was an alright explore and a nice way to end the day. Cheers for looking!
  4. Visited with @SpiderMonkey and @AndyK! on our very tiresome trip to France. Chapelle des Pelotes is part of an old seminary however we didn't bother exploring that part due to the chapel keeping us busy for a good few hours and we had other places to visit afterwards. However the chapel was worth the visit and missing out on parts. Getting into the building wasn't that difficult however, dodging the nosey french neighbours was a little difficult but with a lot of crouching, rolling and crawling we were in.:) From the top floor; Cheers for looking.
  5. Explore; Another explore from our weekend, France trip. After having a day a long travel and a few explores on our first day we decided to meet up with Laura and Niko and did a few explores beforehand, before moving onto this place that they invited us to explore. Only a few photos as it was a quick explore and had other places to see. Explored with @AndyK!, @SpiderMonkey, @Laura del C and Nik8 Photography. Cheers for looking!
  6. Explore; After a whole weekend of exploring, Bambi was one of our last stops before gong back to miserable England and my first trip abroad coming to an end, so we wanted to make this one count. After doing repetitive quick searches around the building we found our way in...well thought so. So after a lot of climbing, holding on for dear life and walking through lots of sharp, stingy nature, we were at the gates. With success right in front of us we walked straight on to then race back into the stingy nature and hide from the angry French builders. So after hiding for a while we decided to go back and go for plan B. Thankfully there was no angry French builders in sight and not as much stingy nature. We were in. Explored with @AndyK! & @SpiderMonkey. Most of upstairs was pretty much destroyed.. Bar a few rooms; Cheers for reading.
  7. Good stuff mate, once again I'm also especially liking the iron gates shot