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  1. Absolutely Maniac. Its an awesome site and such an iconic building. Please PM me about any potential future visits folks!
  2. Thanks for the welcome fellas. Yes skeleton key, its always awesome to have some good inside intel!
  3. Firstly wow! I had no idea the vicky was closing, I left Glasgow for Englandshire three years ago. When is the last day of operation?? I will promptly be straight onto wikipedia! I'm up for explo doon there as soon as its possible, cameras at the ready! Got some memories in there over the years and the wider Battlefield area, Langside college when I was studdying there years ago. And of course many a great night of drinking in the mission, laterly the langside. Sadly now another bloody supermarket... Will be coming back home to the motherland soon, a look round the vicky would be wicked! Are there many Glasgow based urbanexbos on here?! Aw the best, Weeman.
  4. Thanks Raw, Good to know I'm not alone. Same as your self, I remember visiting the bodies exhibition in Museum Hall in EC1 when I was a kid back in 2006 and being amazed by the sheer mass of the place and then in a strange twist of fate I ended up working there when I came to live here in London three years ago. I've been very attached to the building ever since and I'm outraged about this sad state of affairs. Yeah, thats right we had plenty of events right up until closing including the first ever Victorias Secret Fashion show in the UK, BBC Music Awards, last EC Staff party, followed by the very last gig in December with the legendary performance by Bombay Bicycle club and David Gilmour with "wish you were here". Sadly I couldn’t make it on the night as I was tied up with full time work commitments out in Surrey . So sad o see the place in such a sorry state, K2 ramp has now been demolished, EC2 has had its roof sliced open like a Swiss role and the iconic "EARLS COURT" neon has been taken down. I fear the sun will soon be shinning down onto the floor of Brompton Hall... Thanks again mate. Looking forward to reading your PM Cheers, Weeman.
  5. Hey guys and girls, I’ve been a reader of this great forum of yours for some time now and thought i was high time I signed up.I first came across your forum when reading the updates on the Save Earls Court campaign twitter of the raw's pictures of the site where I and many others had the pleasure of working until the New Year.-A terrible waste and an act of vandalism by Boris Johnson and the establishment... I would urge any of you who have an interest in the site, visited over the years, worked there or live in the area to sign the petition, hosted by 38 degrees calling for demolition to be immediately halted and an independent health review to be carried out: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/petition-for-an-independent-health-review-of-the-earls-court-redevelopment Thanks in advance Anyway I look forward to looking at more of your work in many more interesting places and hopefully post some pics of my own adventures of derelict railway and maritime sites over the years. I have some pictures I took of Motherwell TMD (a railway depot on the south eastern outskirts of Glasgow) while I had the chance to wonder around place while it was abandoned, awaiting its future back in 2007 that I'll try to post up when I get a chance. Due to my work, I've been fortunate to gain access to many sites off limits to members of the public over the years and when I can I'll often go walkies with my camera and/or iPhone.. Well thanks for having us, look forward to getting started. Cheers, Weeman.
  6. I used to work here until we were evicted in December. Some many happy times here over the years. This is absolutely criminal what they are doing to the place, it is a London icon and is world famous. Complete vandalism fuelled by corporate greed and corruption by the Tory establishment. So many have lost their jobs, jobs they loved at EC and down below on Lilly Bridge Depot, local businesses haveost trade and if they have their way they will make many more lose their homes now on West Ken and Gibbs Green. Only capco land awaits now.. The building is an empty shell now. So sad. This was OUR BUILDING! "sir" Terry Farrel (I don't even give him a capital S), TfL EC&O, Capco, Boris the bulldozer & co, hang your heads in shame... Anyway, some EPIC adventuring here, I don't know how the hell you guys managed to get onto the bloody roof though! But some great (albeit tragic) pics. Massive respect. I thought I'd join up and have a look round the rest of your fantastic site. Keep the good work coming guys and girls. Earls Court.. Creating Legends since 1937... (Until 2014, destroyed by Capco, Boris and Tory greed) RIP.