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  1. We needed to climb to the 4th floor to get in haha!
  2. We went to this lovely place last week. We had the misfortune to come across the old man mowing the lawn at 7am so we were forced to leave for a few hours. When we asked him if it was ok to take pictures he panicked a little (in French hehe) and he kept repeating 'pas derrière, pas derrière' so it was clear we needed to go to the back to enter hahaha. It took a while to get in (the first and second floor were bricked). Very nice location, but pretty demolished as well.
  3. Hey! My name is Hanne and I'm new to the urbex-experience We (mainly my boyfriend and I) haven't been very lucky finding locations since we don't have real connections with other urbexers. Nevertheless we visited some nice places, just last month we went to the Swamphotel, which is a nice building in a peaceful environment but not very impressive if you compare them to the awesome locations posted here. So I'm keeping an eye open and I'm hoping to discover lots of fun here