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  1. This would be my 2nd fav kirkbride of those that I've seen so far and I was obsessed with seeing it. My first visit however was not the best as it was 8­F when I first got in and maybe warmed up to 19 outside but felt much colder inside. It was too cold really to focus on taking photos, too cold to really take my hands out of my gloves but necessary. I dropped my 24-70 lens on the floor fumbling around with big ass gloves on trying to switch lenses, when I got home in the wee hours of the morning the next day I was just carrying my camera (why it wasn't in the bag I don't know) and I dropped it in the driveway...with the same lens attached :(. I also lost 75 photos or so from that trip and found out later it was due to a faulty card reader when I was transferring them. So with all that I had to go back again and reshoot and one photo in particular I wanted to capture again was the sun streaming through the decorative risers on the stairway and onto the wall. Well neither of the times I went back was the sun out so I never was able to get that photo again. Last visit at least I had the newer camera as I sold the 7D a month prior AND it wasn't so freakn cold.
  2. Thanks very much for the compliments! The bed shot was one of my faves as well. However it took 3 trips to get a decent photo :p. First time the pics that were lost started a couple shots after I took of that bed, Another time some were blurry due to a crappy tripod. It was pretty dark in that room so I always needed a tripod. Handheld and bumping up the ISO didn't fare too well.
  3. Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate the compliments
  4. Thank you! Kirkbrides are my favorite style of hospital too. Thanks Andy!
  5. Great photos and editing! Such awesome places over there!
  6. Thank you You're welcome and glad you enjoyed the photos too!
  7. I was suppose to visit this location with several friends 7 yrs ago but it got cancelled and I don't recall why. Then shortly after people were getting arrested here and it was off the list by most explorers. A couple years ago photos started popping up from here so I planned a visit. The only bad part was I no longer lived a couple hours away and was now about 7 so it was quite a trip. I managed to get here twice thankfully and these photos are from both trips. It's a very old campus which was started in 1828 for the rich mentally ill and other buildings were built as time progressed. For a time they practiced eugenics here which then became outlawed. The asylum closed in the 70's and was vacant till years later when a few of of the buildings were used as a medium- security prison. It was then sold to a developer who has converted several of the buildings to apartments and continues to do so. This place is most known for it's lovely spiral staircase in the admin building. It seems most come here , shoot that and leave.....but there's so much more here that is photo worthy in that building as well as the others. It's impossible to walk quietly in here as the old wooden floors creak with every step...it was really annoying trying to be stealthy. Also a lot of the floors and walls are leaning so badly that at times it felt like you were in a fun house with the odd angles. However having said that everything is in excellent condition here with only a few minor areas with some water/weather damage. Side note the patient cemetery is also located on the grounds which is in this set.
  8. If you make it to the east coast let me know! And yes so glad the gear didn't get ruined because I'd left the bag in the car and was just carrying the camera...and didn't have a coat!
  9. Thanks Andy. Yes so many other things to photograph here and there was a couple I didn't get into due to workers being near the first time. The second time we ran out of time as we had another 5 hour drive to go to another spot. The chapel was one of my favs as well. Glad you liked the photos as well and thanks! There was a staircase similar in style in two other buildings...not spiraled but the woodwork/spindles and newel post were the same
  10. Wow this is an awesome place! Love the photos! Yet another place I'd love to see! I'm always amazed at the places that are left abandoned overseas.
  11. Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed the post!
  12. Thank you for the compliments on the photos! Yes it's blessing the bus stopped at the staircase here. I believe that building is the next to be rehabbed and maybe turned into a hotel/spa from what I read. And as far as it's closing they moved to a new facility which I believe now is also abandoned as of recent. I'm glad you enjoyed the report and photos as well
  13. Thank you! The graveyard was pretty cool and I didn't get to visit it the first trip. When I did get to it was the end of the day and a big storm was approaching very fast. We had to run for cover as it started to pour and thankfully there was a nearby shed otherwise all our gear and us would've been soaked. Thanks! Yes it definitely was worth the long drive. The chapel I think was about the same age as admin as it is appeared just as old with the woodwork and such. Unfortunately no slab here. It doesn't appear there ever was a morgue here or if it was maybe it was in the other buildings that were converted. Now that I think about it there was no medical looking areas so perhaps that's what happened
  14. I've visited this former state hospital site a few times and over the last few years they've torn down a few buildings and unfortunately before I was able to make my first visit the morgue and lab were two of those :(. I wished I'd gotten to see them but alas...I did not. Here are a few photos from various trips. I didn't take great photos when I first started exploring and my editing sucked! Most of the buildings are rather boring and not much was left inside. One of the areas of this complex was/is a bowling alley which for years was flooded and no one was able to photograph it. However when they were preparing a building beside it to be demoed the water was removed from it. It's completely dark there so no available light except by light painting which I detest This building above they removed the cupolas for what reason I don't know and they are sitting behind fence at the building in the background This building was demoed 2016.
  15. Will do! My grandfather is from Italy and I've wanted to visit because of that. He hailed from Florence I believe
  16. Oh I see. Yeah looks like us short people would be ok but no one much taller than that! :p. Must have been altered like you mentioned at some point
  17. photo #7 ...doesn't look like there'd be even enough room to stand if the floor was there????
  18. This place is so creepy. I guess I first saw photos from here about the time this was posted. I'd probably not be able to take pics of the animals though :(. I'd be too upset. Nice photos btw.....pretty rare I'd say to find such a place? You'd never see that over here ...it'd be long time trashed
  19. Such beautiful photos! This is another awesome place! I need to go to Italy! I've not traveled out of the U.S sadly....haven't really traveled that far even within the U.S
  20. This is such a pretty place!! Love the photos! I love the slotted doors and curved hallways