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  1. I don't tend to do much live exploring but id never pass is up as I'm sure most of you would agree that would just be stupid, even considering i have explored here before. As always i got the usual suspects together myself, NeonNine, Ibex, Spook and Anoxia and it was time to embark on yet another epic mission we have all wanted to do again for so long, last time we visited we barely scratched the surface this time it was out mission to get deep into the bowels of the place where not many have been before, especially at night and out of season. We arrived at our destination, stepping out the cars, fastening our boots checking the camera bags and generally making sure i hadn't forgotten anything, it was time to embark. It was a beautiful crisp, cold, clear night, perfect for what we wanted, looking to my right i could see 12th century castle sitting on a valley face all light up like a christmas tree, i stared at it in ore think how incredible it really was, but that was far from what we were going to be exploring tonight. we headed deep into the forrest to make our entry point, the thick mud, and dense vegetation makes it slightly difficult but we were not undeterred by this. After making our way through the site we came up to our first subjects, stood above us is the 60 metre high Oblivion roller coaster. As we were taking our first shots, and only being in there for a short amount of time we were nearly busted which what we thought was security driving down the road we previously had walked on, we headed for the shadows to avoid being spotted and to assess the situation, after laying low for a good 5 minutes or so we decided the coast was clear, for now!? After grabbing our shots there it was time to move over to the other side of the park in doing so making our way back up the road where we spotted the security van, no longer had we been on the road someone shouted car lights! so we all made for the bushes so we wouldn't be seen and again staying there for a good few minutes and making sure they were gone it was time to move on, making our way across the lawn in front of the castle, and seeing torch light inside the castle we hit the deck and waited it out for a fair while, then we made our move and went back into the gardens to make our way over to Nemesis and Air. As we approached we could see the beast's silhouette , sat down and framed up and got a fair few exposures, at this time no i thought it would be appropriate to move on and to climb to the top of air, framing up there was hard work due to it being frosty, tripod legs were slipping everywhere, i finally got the shot i wanted and headed down, then made my way to the launch point of Air. This was strange the lights were on and there was a low buzz from the control room, i grabbed a few shots, and then started making my way to the back of the station, then we heard what sounded like an alarm, i think we had overstayed our welcome and it was time to make our way out. All in all was one awesome explore, Thanks to Spook for being the tour guide once again.
  2. Massive thanks to NickUK, Gone and Mortal Decay. Renaissance Premier Inn Millennium Tower - Salford S1 - Oxford Road Thought id add a self portrait to finish off Thanks for looking ThisIsMore
  3. Thank you for your very positive comments you lovely people
  4. Visited with NeonNine and Anoxia This place has an incredible history which is quite deep if you ask me! I found out after visiting that in the years gone by this house was owned by a family as you may of guessed,one of the family members died, leaving it to two other member, one being money driven therefore wanting to sell it and the other being so attached to the house that they didn't want to part with it, resulting in one of the members of the family committing suicide, then the family being driven apart and leaving it to the farmer that still owns it today, correct me if I'm wrong, this is what i have along the grape vine, he has become so obsessed with the place and so connected with it, it has made him completely deranged and that why if you get caught by him its quite an ordeal! I thought this was going to be far too easy, i couldn't of been more wrong! with having to avoid the highland cow, and the deranged farmer, we bolted across the field and made entry to the house, on entry we collected ourselves and began setting up, we then heard footsteps and froze, who was in here we said to each other, we must of stood in silence of a good few minutes minutes which felt like it was forever, after then hearing the shutters on the camera's we went and said hello! nice to meet all you guys and girls! ]So had a bit of a chit chat then began shooting, everyone who we had met were leaving now, they made there way out, after 10 minutes or so one of the guys comes back in to tell us the farmer is outside and he really isn't happy, we decided to stay in and get the shots after travelling 200 miles to see this place. We bagged our shots and got the hell out of there, really do not know how we managed to avoid the farmer, i guess i have to thank you guys who got caught! as he wouldnt of been happy finding us there! sorry for the long winded blab! i have far to much to say as always! on with the photos anyway! Thanks for reading! ThisIsMore
  5. So we all know this place, if you don't what planet have you been on for the past decade? I thought id take a trip here considering it isnt too far from home and in the past year or so i havent visited any asylums, its in the worst state i have ever seen this palce, and considering its trashed due to the winter taking its natural course its still well worth a look round. visited with LowriJen37, Ibex, Spook and Anoxia Thanks for looking ThisIsMore